NBA Top Shot - Digital Collectibles

A digital take on the traditional sports card collecting, based on the blockchain. It’s been making a lot of noise on the internet in the past week or so.

Not much a collector myself, but a huge basketball/NBA fan, I signed up a few weeks ago and has been buying some base packs and trading a few “moments” – absolutely fascinating with this new type of market.

Has anyone come across this and want to share their experience?


  • I think it’s ridiculous. The one about Zion’s block that sold for something like $200k?!

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    Interesting concept. People laugh it off now but most things will eventually go digital.

    I was an early adopter of digital cameras and I remember heaps of comments saying it was ridiculous and will never take off.

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      Yeah, I feel like it is just a matter of time that digital goods (especially collectibles) will go mainstream.

      In the case of digital collectibles, there are quite a few advantages over physical:
      - can’t be copied, destroyed or forged (no fakes)
      - transparent audit trail to prove ownership
      - effortless buying, selling and trading

  • NFTs are definitely an up and coming thing. Check out the VeVe app on the app store/play store, lets you buy and sell virtual NFTs that can be visualised in AR (the platform utilises the OMI token) they currently have the rights to a few IPs now including: NFL Players Association, Adventure Time, Ghostbusters, Batman, etc.

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    I got on this recently also, drops are really popular, didn’t get an allocation the 1st time I tried, but was lucky recently. NFTs are definitely the future

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    Beeple (b. 1981)
    Price Realised
    USD 69,346,250

    • Was just about to post this too… Crazy money.

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        The top 0.1% live in a different world than us pleps.

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