Logix Platinum Dishwashing Tablets 100 Pk $16.99 @ ALDI


Logix platinum dishwashing tablets go on sale at ALDI tomorrow.

The price has gone up a dollar for 100 pack compares to last year.

17c per tablet is still an excellent value.

Please read the comments on the previous deal to get a better idea.

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  • How much are they usually? It is hard to judge if $16.99 or 17c per tablet is good, vs indifferent without knowing the normal price.

  • The normal ones are rated better
    14cents/tablet. Use them all the time

  • I switched to the Aldi dishwashing powder after watching this video and haven’t looked back. No need to chase tablet specials anymore.


    • I have a new-ish Bosch. No pre wash container. Main problem with detergent is that you need to run the machine at the right temperature for the detergent to disolve and work properly. Finish powerball tabs need the machine ideally to run at 55 degrees although the packet says 50-55. The quick wash cycle on the Bosch only runs at 45. So you see the issue. Try to save power, water and time and Finish powerball tabs are not the ideal detergent. I never had this issue with the 35 year old Dishlex since the heat setting and the cycle could be set independantly.

      • Hey mate. Quick wash isn’t designed to be an everyday cycle. If you use it then use a tablespoon of powder. Tablets won’t work.

        Give up on finish. Use Aldi or Earth Choice on the standard 45 wash and your life will be good.

        By the way program the machine for extra drying if you haven’t already done it.

        The machine is good, with the above you will be happy. We don’t even use rinse aid anymore.

        • Thanks. Life is good. We use Quick wash for everyday. Most of our dishes are not heavily soiled so Quickwash is fine 99% of the time. I've tried a lot of tabs and powders and get whatever is on sale or cheap. Even the Woolies tab does a pretty good job. If anything is stuck on like burnt spaghetti or rice then just a a little bit of elbow grease is more efficient than a long cycle on the machine.

          I never use rinse aid.

          • @freesteakknives: Okay cool. If you haven’t done so suggest checking the specifications as half load and/economy may possibly use less water or power than quick wash.

            • @DingoBlue: Yeah - I did have a play around with those and half load gets a go every now and then. I did contact Bosch to say that it seems a bit strange that in a clothes washer you have almost complete control over the cycle. I can adjust temp in increments, spin speed, extra rinse etc but for a dishwasher we seem to be limited. It wouldn't cost them anything to allow that flexibility. Maybe in the next series.

              My initial reply was really to address the youtube link and to suggest another reason why tabs might not be cleaning as well as hoped. Also the Frigidaire machine that he's using looks to have an exposed element to heat the water. Something I have not seen in a locally available machine for a very long time. Can be a bit dangerous. I had a plastic spatula fall once in an old machine and it melted on the element. Lucky that I don't use a drying cyclic otherwise I could have had a fire. I also hook the machine up to the hot water. Once again it might be manufacturer dependant. For the machines that I have had to date the input pipe temperature limit has been 60 degrees

              • @freesteakknives: Boys I just use Coles advanced powder 1kg $4 and double srrength vinegar $2 per L for my rinse aid.

                Most new dishwashers only have a cold water input. They heat the water as required.

    • Cheers for the video, very informative. So when you say you use Aldi dish powder, do you just put some powder in both compartments?

  • Does anyone have a problem with their rinse aid? Mine keeps on sticking to one of the bowls or plates almost every wash. Or maybe does anyone have other brand rinse aid they recommend?

    • I've used rinse aid once in the sample pack when I got the machine. I don't get a lot of benefit out of it. I use supermarket brand double strength vinegar from time to time. Not the same thing but it does help.

  • So i used to be a big fan of Aldi tablets until we bought a new Bosch dishwasher and for some reason they dont clean very thoroughly. I ended up getting a whole heap of Finish tablets on the ebay $1 deals and using them there is a very big difference between Aldi tablets and them. Seems like Finish are actually pretty good.

    • Tried all sort of brand on my Bosch's and they all do the same. The problems always caused by incorrect stacking causing the spinning arm blocked somewhere. Most items can even be cleaned without tablets on intensive cycle

      • Ive found Fairy Platinum to be much better in my Bosch than standard Finish tablets. I havent tried these Aldi ones yet though.

  • Chemist warehouse near me (Brisbane) usually have them Finish Classic Tab 110 pk for $16.99 all year round. Works out to about 15.45c per wash.

  • I prefer the regular ones over these ones as the platinum were quite strong and faded the print on my Iron Man glass. I was inconsolable for days after that.

    Don't f*** with my Iron Man glass ALDI.

  • I use the Aldi Logix powder, with around a tablespoon of powder straight in the machine as recommended by my plumber. Mainly on eco mode 50-58 minute cycle. Also, I have a 2017 Asko

    • Wouldn't all the powder disappear during pre wash rinse? Or does eco go straight into cleaning

    • Our Bosch doesn't have a pre-wash and wash compartment - just the wash compartment. Now this is fine on the eco program (use 85% of the time) as it pops the door of the wash compartment at the beginning of the wash. However for all the longer running programs there is usually a 15 minute pre-wash phase before the wash compartment door is opened. I now put in a lids worth of the Logix powder straight in to the machine if I am running one of those programs. That is my story.

  • Damn. Just bought these without reading the comments. I am using the normal Aldi ones but sometimes peanut butter seems to stick on the knives. After these might go Aldi powder or Kmart Finish powerballs at $10 for 110!