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[XB1] - The Outer Worlds - $9.95 (was $49.95) - EB Games


This is still available in quite a few stores across the country which I why I am posting it again, especially since someone posted the Amazon offer at $20 plus delivery (or free if Prime).
While this might not be available to everyone in Australia due to stock, I am sure it will help quite a few people to save $10 on this game. And yes, it is definitely worth $10.


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    I rather Otter Worlds

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    Don't forget, free on Games Pass


      Yeah, until it leaves :(

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        Since its an xbox studios game, it will be there for yearssssssssss. TBH< cant think of a reason they would ever delete it (its not like Fifa where you dont need 2018 if you have 2021)

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          Keep in mind though this is a physical disc that can be resold later on.
          Plus, prices for the GP will not stay static forever.

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            @Lysander: Sure, but the way i see it is that for $10-20 a month, i can play any xbox studio game i want (day of launch) AND a large selection of other games - some AAA games from 2 years ago, some brand new indies, as well as back catalogue EA. Microsoft will eventually not even need an xbox - you are just paying a set amount per month to play their games.

            If nintendo had this exact same approach it would be MAD! Imagine buying a switch and then paying the same amount each month and you just got ALL the games that come from first and second party nintendo studios as well as a back catalogue from years past. The only games you bought were 3rd party.

            I dont use discs any more, even though as you say, you can resell. Im too old to buy a new game, play and finish it over 2-3 months, then sell for 50-60% of what i paid, but i understand why others would.

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              @JuryWheel: Problem is there are quite a few people that take months to finish a game.
              If I take three months to finish OW because of work, and family commitments, then buying it for $10 and then selling it for $5 when I am done is the much better option.
              Plus, I can loan it to my friends.
              And there are also collectors.

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                @Lysander: A few things:

                • If you really want to play the game, you would have played it by now for sure (this is the XBox One version).
                • This game is from a studio owned by Microsoft so it will remain in GamePass.
                • Microsoft heavily promoted this when it was released, with additional Microsoft reward points to entice you to play.
                • If you loan it to your friend, you cannot play that game. If you sold the game, you won't be able to play the game.
                • If you want to use QuickResume, changing discs get annoying.
                • For people taking months to finish a game, they can certainly wait for the next cheap GamePass promotion.
                • Based on your posts, are you suggesting people keep on collecting discounted games on a near daily basis?

                  @netsurfer: I have the game but have not played it a lot yet. In Queue.
                  I can loan it to my friend after finishing it - ten of my friends can play it at no additional cost - with GP they all need to have GP to play.
                  When I sell the game I can recoup most of what I paid for it. Since I will be selling abroad I will be making money on it.

                  Not sure what the posts have to do anything with it - they are there to give people choices.
                  What I am saying is that GP is not the universe solution for all - there are many advantages of GP but there are also some disadvantages (and I am not going into the dependency issues here) of it while having a physical disc or buying a game can have advantages.

                  For me personally, GP at this stage is not worth it at all. I do not have the time, I only play one game at a time (games for work are different but then I pay nothing anyway) until I complete it, and if I can save time hunting around for GP promotions (and using hacks) all by spending $10 I am more than happy to do it.
                  Plus, if you remember, this was as low as $5 recently with the BOGOF promotion.
                  So in my case, I will need about 3 months to finish the game. GP at say $10 a month comes to $30 which is gone. Buying it for $10 and selling it for $5 in 3 months I have only paid $5 for my entertainment instead of $30. You see, that for me this is an easy proposition. Same for my friend who is a physical game collector which means GP is useless to him.

                  Yes, I agree GP is FANTASTIC but it is not the one fits all solution. Different people have different needs.


                    @Lysander: If it is okay for you to come up with cases where this makes sense, then it should be okay for me to present the other perspective too.

                    • Most OZBers with long term GamePass subscription are on pretty good deals. You cannot go, if it is GamePass, it is RRP or close to RRP, but if it is your posted deal, it is at discounted price. That doesn't seem fair.
                    • Generally, OZBers with GamePass would either be (a) people on long term GamePass averaging $4.6 / month or less (b) people only join on $1/month or $1 per 2-3 months. People in category (b) would spend at most $6 a year.
                    • I know what you are going for, you are going to argue, you take 3 months to finish a game so you only need 4 games a year. Thus, based on that calculation, physical disc version is better for you. Thing is, you "really" cannot spend $5-$6 a year for 5 months+ of GamePass (Ultimate)?
                    • Microsoft pretty much run $1 GamePass Xmas special every year and 1st party AAA titles are usually accompanied by $1/month special. GamePass at $1 for latest Microsoft AAA at the first month of release (even for a month) is not worth it??
                    • Selling games. They are not easy for older games, especially if you have to post them.
                    • With GamePass, you can still be fussy about the games you play because you have so many to choose from. GamePass Ultimate has the XBox Live Gold as well, so you get to collect some free games per month.

                    You have XBox One X or Series X and you want to avoid GamePass and/or XBox Live Gold (or GamePass Ultimate)?

                    Even if people don't want to get long term GamePass/Ultimate, XBox One/Series S|X owners should consider taking the $1/month specials when they are available. Only $5 or $6 a year, enjoy Quick Resume on Series S, X.

                    Buying physical games which are on GamePass and from a first party developer is something that's really for collectors or big fan of the game.

                    Also, the game you really want to play happens to be on sale at the right time? That's too convenient. If I can only play the same game for 3 months, I would pick a game I really want to play, not a game that happens to be on special.


                      @netsurfer: That is why you buy games you want in advance when there are sales so you have them when you want to play them.
                      The $1 deals can only be multiple times if you have multiple payment methods. I have tried and using the same card twice did not work.
                      I do not have six card so cannot use it six times.

                      "Microsoft pretty much run $1 GamePass Xmas special every year"

                      How old is GP again? How can you say this is happening every year just because it happened in the first two years when MS wants to get as many people hooked as possible.
                      Once the "recruitment phase" is over prices will rise. Microsoft is not a charity.

                      The $1 deal for the first month is worth it but what happens if I need another two months to finish the game? Then buying the game for $5 right away is better for me.



                  1. Not really, there are a million games all fighting for your attention, no one can just play everything they want off the bat. Something called time.
                  2. Screamride left published by Microsoft.
                  3. You get money back for the game though.
                  4. How long someone takes to complete a game is irrelevant. It's not a race (unless it's on Game Pass lol)
                  5. No, he is just offering an alternative, so not sure why you blanket it into a black and white argument.


                    there are a million games all fighting for your attention, no one can just play everything they want off the bat. Something called time.

                    Exactly. So let's really look at it from an OZB perspective. Is it worthwhile buying a game to have it send to the backlog? We often refer to that backlog as pile of shame.

                    You get money back for the game though.

                    How much do you intend to sell it? And how? Yes, that could happen, but if we really look at the "time" factor. Also, how much do you want to sell it for? Postage isn't exactly cheap in Australia.

                    How long someone takes to complete a game is irrelevant

                    It is relevant. My point is more about how much time one can allocate to gaming. If you already have a backlog of games, while I get you might want to collect more cheap games, it does show that you are buying more than you need.


                @Lysander: Thank you - collectors are real - I played this through on GP, and because I enjoyed it so much, I bought a physical copy to have it on the shelf. I get that some people will find this redundant or a waste of money, but my shelves are full of games I have played over nearly three decades and a lot of fond memories


            @Lysander: how much do you think you'd resell the disc of a $10.00 game for ?? $1?


              @pharkurnell: $5 minimum. I have often sold the disc at the same price. Others have the same experience.
              Remember, the normal price is $49.95, preowned is $34. So when the sale is over or no more stock, getting a game in "as new" condition is a great deal.
              Plus, I used to sell them when going to see family abroad. I can get the same price I paid in $ here in Euros there.

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          Screamride left was one from memory, by Xbox Game Studios. Lucky it went on sale for $4.99 so I could continue play. However, I believe 99% of the time, those developed by XGS may never leave.

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            @RocketSwitch: Completely agree with all of @netsurfer's comments. I prefer to actually own something - I want to be able to collect it, pass it on to my kids one day, lend it to my friends, resell it etc etc. The subscription model simpy isn't for everyone, and personally I don't see value for money it it either.

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              @bdo207: i think net surfer said the opposite of what you have written…/


                @petry: I think he meant he agreed with all the comments made by RocketSwitch directed at netsurfer.


              @bdo207: Do you own most, if not all, first party Microsoft exclusives? This is about buying first party exclusives which are on GamePass. I used to buy them before the introduction of GamePass and saw the values of those games tanked.

              You seriously want me to believe you really want to own this game, but is only willing to pay $10? OP probably bought the game for $5 (buy one get one free deal). And, the game is in OP's queue. Come on, let's be realistic, if I were to purchase this game for $5, it would be heading to my pile of shame.

              Pass physical games to children. Children, really? Honestly, GamePass works better for Children. They simply won't play the same game for months. Your children will enjoy switching discs?

              If this game realistically belongs to pile of shame, then you really cannot wait till the next $1/month GamePass (Ultimate) promotion to play it? If you really want this game, you really expect me to believe it is only worth $10 and you will need to try to find an EB store that has it in stock?

              We had $1 for 3 months GamePass Ultimate deal last Christmas. Honestly, that's better than spending $10 to put a game in the pile of shame.

              The Outer Worlds Expansion Pass is included in GamePass. Let me guess, when the bundled pack is on special, you will sell this one and buy that.


            @RocketSwitch: Screamride… I found out about it from GamePass. It's in GamePass. Haven't checked it for a while (I deleted it because children stopped playing it). There was a bit of confusion:


            Screamride is in GamePass Ultimate:

            Now, I don't know if Microsoft did something sneaky and made it only available if you have GamePass Ultimate, but not GamePass. If so, we are starting to see Microsoft's not so good plan with the tier systems.


              @netsurfer: Ah, thanks for the heads up. Didn't realise it was still there.

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    Loved this game

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    LOL Ebgames. XB1 - New $9.95, Preowned $34.

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      LOL Clear out new stock at rebate price from distributor, leaving their high-profit preowned copies as the only way to buy the game LOL


    Bargain - great game.

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    good game , wish it was longer , finished it too quick. worth it at this price , even better if its free obviously


      I just abandoned this game this week. Got through two worlds playing on PC XGP, but I'm not having any fun.

      Of course, experiences and opinions of media/art are subjective. The great reviews and GOTY noms is what drew me to this game in the first place.

      I'm finding the RPG aspects tedious. Just looting a thousand items, then selling/breaking down once I'm encumbered. Feel like I'm spending 80% of my time stuck in monotonous boiler-plate dialogue with characters I can't care about. Those characters litter relatively small, confined worlds, ticking off acitivities/missions by walking between characters. I get neither a feeling of open-world/sandbox or a sense of exploration and individualised progression. The infrequent times I get some gameplay it becomes a pretty simple FPS, a group to take down (not much in the way of stealth or strategy) and I find myself just needing to shoot them more than they shoot me/my party. Shooting is simple and doesn't feel that good.

      It does remind me a little of KOTOR, which I loved. Maybe I don't have the patience for RPG now. I never played Fallout so I might have missed the boat on why these are appealing. I presume the story is what draws people in here, and it either catches you or it doesn't.


        Its like alpha build of Fallout game.

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    Great game if you love satire and lefty politics, which I do.


    Anyone play the DLC and is it any good?

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    Just finished this game. I'd wanted to play it for a while and waited til it dropped in price (on PS4). I was very underwhelmed! Found it super slow and just boring to be honest. Personally didn't find the story engaging, the ratio of conversations/looting/reading to action was way out of balance for my liking, and the action and combat was pretty weak when you eventually did get a moment of it. Anyway, just wanted to share my thoughts in case it saves someone else $9.95 haha. Obviously it's just my opinion though and there are plenty of people who enjoyed it, just not my cup of tea…

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      Great and useful comment.

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      I found it boring af too and had to force myself to finish it. I'm glad I played it on game pass because it's not worth much more than the $5 imo.

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        I would agree with this. I liked the world environment but it was incredibly boring & shallow story overall.

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        Yes, I think I snagged it for $20 and thought that was a steal at the time. In hindsight, I wouldn't have paid $5 for it. But not only that, I probably wouldn't have taken it for free and played it haha. Would have rathered spend that time playing something else completely!


          I wouldn't have paid $5 for it

          Thought so. Hey, but you want to collect it, pass it on to kids one day or sell it right?

          Expansion pack is out (included in GamePass). Personally I wouldn't bother playing it (deleted the game ages ago). Honestly, you wouldn't want to try it out for $1 (when GamePass special is on) then decide to buy it or not? Had high hope for it, didn't enjoy it. To me, GamePass subscriptions (when it is $1) from time to time let me eliminate so many games which simply are not worth getting / keeping.

          Jokes aside, + voted your comment. You have to pay me to play this game. Microsoft didn't pay me enough reward points for the time. As soon as I was able to get the points, I stopped playing the game (and deleted it). It's not a game for everyone. Best to try it out on GamePass first.


    Great game/


    Let me guess, it's pickup only and available at the EB Stores in Lithgow, Broken Hill and Lightning Ridge?

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    Gamepass - devaluing games, one game at a time


      You'd think so

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    This is on the trade list for Skyward Sword HD and Mario Golf - means you can get the games for $48 each essentially https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/605380?page=1#comment

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      very well spotted

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      I did this at my local EB and traded in 2 copies no questions asked (in case anybody was looking to do the same)

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    Good trade in bait for ebgames at the moment