Recommendations for a Quiet Washing Machine

Hi all, I'm looking for recommendations for a quiet washing machine. Budget $1000- $1200. Size 7 - 10kg?

In June 2020, I bought a Hisense washing machine hwfm8012 that runs like a jet engine at 1200 rpm, even with the laundry door closed. The noise at 800rpm is tolerable but the clothes take longer to dry. I work night shifts, and the washing machine woke me up during the spin cycle (1200rpm).. Getting annoyed at the washing machine…

I don't need it to be whisper-quiet, just a good balance between noise, price, and durability. Let me know the brand/models that you have experienced.. thank you!


  • put it in the shed?

    • my shed doesn't have a power supply. No, i'm not installing a power supply in the shed just for the WM. it's cheaper to buy a new WM.

  • 1200 rpm will sound loud in any washing machine.

    I have a new LG and at 1,000 RPM it's not too loud. I'd imagine most decent brands will be the same.

    • Agree
      I hvae an LG that lets you chose 6 speeds I think it is from 400 -1600…. 1200 is the same as OP describes… 800 is fine.

      Also depends on what the building is like, what the floor is made of, concrete/wood-stumps etc…

  • ear plugs

  • My family was in this situation approx 10 yrs ago. Our Simpson washing machine was dreadfully loud and when it finally packed it in, we went around a few stores on the hunt for a less noisy one. Mum told the salesman our first requirement was a quiet washing machine. He replied 'Washing machines are not quiet', but then went on to say that the Fisher and Paykel's were the quietest of the bunch. We went with the top load F&P and it was not only much quieter, but the best machine we have used and still going strong like day one. 10 years on, things may have changed in the market but if I was getting another today, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Fisher and Paykel. No experience with front load machines though, have only ever used top loaders.

  • Happy with my new LG WV9-1409B, but WMs do make noise when water is pushed inside. I actually hear this noise more often than the spinning. Also, I am not sure there is a way to remove the "notification sound" once the machine finishes the job as this might be a problem for you.

  • We've had 2 Miele front load washing machines over the past 15 years and we normally put it on right before bed and empty it in the morning. So I think they're pretty quiet but they are in the back of the house and we sleep in the front. I have slept in the back room next to it though and it's still pretty good.

    • What speed are they? The speed jump from 800 to 1200/1400 makes a huge difference in the noise.

      • We can manually change the spin speed betweeen 400, 600, 800, 1200 from memory… so if the fastest spin speed is too loud, you can manually press 1 button to lower it. If you find it's too wet when you open the door, you can put it on another spin cycle only (i think 8 mins long) and set the speed manually to whatever you like…

  • I suggest looking for some rubber specifically to put under the washing machine feet in order to dampen the noise.

    Okay, like the following (but not Hardley Normal):

    I have no idea how much they will help, but it's worth a try for $20.

  • Would recommend Bosch, mine is so quiet sometimes i forget its on. Had a Samsung prior and was surprised at how much more quiet this one is.

    • nice. which model / price range is your wm?

      • Mine is wan22120au

      • We have an older model front loader Bosch (mid range, purchased about 5 years ago) and we noticed how super quiet it was on day one. For reference, our previous washing machine was a Fisher & Paykel top loader. And we've had absolutely no issues with our Bosch in the 5 years, with regular use.

    • Agreed. Bosch is great for quietness. Weve upgraded to F&P which is bigger, and works great, but definitely louder.

      • Got a Bosch German front loader recently, and apart from the end cycle where it does the spin, you can't even notice it's running when you shut the laundry door. It's so quiet.

        • same for my HiSense, can't hear the wash cycle, but certainly Sense-lessly loud during the 1200rpm or 800 rpm spin cycle. my house is a duplex, our bedroom is upstairs (not directly above).

    1. Make sure it's balanced check those doovers at the bottom and adjust it to be level.
    2. My Fisher and pickle front loader is whisper quiet.
  • I have Bosch front loader i cant hear it even on max RPM. We only ever run on the slowest.

    • We only ever run on the slowest.


    • If

      We only ever run on the slowest.

      then how do you know

      i cant hear it even on max RPM.

      or by max RPM do you mean the fastest it spins on the slowest mode?