What Is The Cheapest 5G Sim Plan Deal?

hello im just looking for a 5g sim deal.

primarily only to test the 5g on my new 5g handset that means only like 20mins honestly.

hence im not looking to waste like 65 dollars for 5g on telstra 65$/ month sim.

if someone knows any offers such as cashback with shopback or cashrewards etc. also please let me know.

only condition deal should
not have any contract or requiring stay of more than 1 month ( paying for more than a month)

happy to look for Vodafone deals too

going for cheapest deal because im only looking for using plan for testing my 5g handset speed capabilities
thank you


  • If you're lucky to have Vodafone 5G where you live, then just get their $35 SIM (50GB of data) and test it.

    • would their $30/$40prepaid sim starter kit be able to deliver 5g network? for just sake of speedtesting??.

      i have a nearby 5g coverage area of Vodafone like 5 kms away from home.

      if not i can still get their under 25 /student discount for 1 month?

      • you don't need to do Prepaid, their Postpaid SIM is M2M - Idk about student discounts

  • Currently i sat under a Vodafone tower with full 5G. Metro and CBD area.

    Speeds i get sometime are 15mbps download and 4mbps upload. There are no 5G speeds that you are seeing across the world, here is OZ you are only getting the 5G sign in the phone and nothing else.

    5G is meant to linger around 1gbps speeds, unfortunately australia has never achieved those speeds no matter how hard they try, they just are not made for improving internet.

    I haven’t seen 4G to its promising speeds let alone 5G.

    • Depends on line of sight/attenuation. Sometimes at the shopping centre when I get 5g, i speedtest it and I get 400mbps. Your experience is purely anecdotal.

  • can confirm vodafone didnt give me 5g, aka it's shit even in 5g coverage areas

    on other hand optus gave me 5g at the starting after i had to call them to manually enable 5g.

    they are 39 $/month