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Matrix Sit Stand Desk Large White $199 (Was $229) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ Officeworks



Browsing the [catalog] i found this deal. Honestly, I also found that one that's cheaper ($99), but I think there isn't enough space if you have to work on it.

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  • Looks like old price was $229 (as per that catalog in the link)

  • is it just me, but from the Officeworks page, it looks less like a desk and moreso just the riser that sits on top of your own table? I don't think you could use this without an existing desk for it to sit on…

    • I think I have an earlier model, but yes - you do need another table for this to be on top of.
      This 'converts' an existing table to allow sit/stand

  • I have the exact same model.

    The inherent nature of the add-on desk takes up lots of room, leaving little writing space if needed. Therefore, it's only ideal for typing and even then, it wobbles if you lean on the keyboard tray too much (warning label even says so).

    Even with the large price difference between this and a proper motorised stand-up desk, I'd save up to get the latter as this is a "you get what you pay" experience.

    • 100% agree with you

      This bulky 15.9 kg product fit a limited budget spend that want to create a desk "kind of height adjustable" by giving up desk work space

      Yes, the wobbling is horrible!

    • My partner's work won't provide standing desks of any form, but will allow staff to purchase and bring in something like this one.. unfortunately seems to be the only option

  • Would recommend the SKARSTA $249 standing desk (albeit non motorised) from IKEA over this one.

  • I've tried one of these and didn't have a problem with wobbling, however working seated is terrible - the monitor becomes too high and uncomfortable for my neck.
    Wish they got away with the stupid keyboard tray so desk could stay lower in seated position.
    In hind sight would not buy it again - in fact I'm considering selling mine if anyone wants it.