Oracle Book for PL/SQL Programming


I am after a book on Oracle, if you have any of the following please PM me.

Title - Oracle PL/SQL Programming: Covers Versions Through Oracle Database 12c, 6th Edition.
Author - Feuerstein, Steven; Pribyl, Bill
ISBN 10: 1449324452 / ISBN 13: 9781449324452

Title - Oracle Database 12c PL/SQL Advanced Programming Techniques
Author - McLaughlin, Michael; Harper, John
ISBN 10: 0071835148 / ISBN 13: 9780071835145


  • Rofl I have versions 9 they have been holding my monitors up for years

  • Get any Oracle PL/SQl book as the changes will be minor and not affect you learning Pl/SQL.The bigger issue is how you are going to lean Pl/SQL w.r.t. setup and which client are you going to use. I suggest getting the Oracle Express edition and give dbeaver-ce a go as a client or you can find your own as a starting point.

  • Yes, but it's a commercial product and you need to buy it.