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Free Cadbury Neapolitan 50g Bar @ My 7-Eleven App


Today only get a free Cadbury Neapolitan 50g Bar from the My 7-Eleven App.

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    Better go now otherwise they’ll all be hidden

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      too late, pretty sure that's the first thing the staff do in the morning

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      Oh please. That never happens to me.

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    Tried it the other day, it's a confusing flavour…not sure if it works together but it's not unpleasant

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      Everyone's tastes are different; to me, it tasted like the icecream it is trying to represent. A 50g bar is probably enough though.

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    Smells and tastes awful.

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      Out of interest, did you like the icecream?

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    Not my kind of chocolate and I like chocolate. Chocolate

  • Many available on the counter and shelves in the CBD

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      You realise there are many CBD in Australia!

      • +1

        Hahaha my bad – *Melbourne CBD

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          I thought you had hopped in your "helicopter" & visited them all😄

  • Can anyone log in the the app?

    Edit: Nvm, it’s working now.

  • If anyone in Melb CBD, the 7-11 at MC opposite Elizabeth/La Trobe Street Hungry Jacks has plenty and owner seemed happy when I got it, not hidden away.

  • Just picked one up from the Crows Nest (NSW) 7-11.

    There were heaps there.

    Thanks OP!

  • It seems to depend on the owner / manager and staff, as the ones i go to never ever have these specials available.

  • Heaps available on 414 Pitt Street - Sydney CBD.

  • sad the app is incompatible with my phone

  • mitthhedit

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