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[Switch] The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Complete Edition $47.97 (40% off) @ Nintendo eShop


Lowest price for the Nintendo eShop version according to Deku Deals. I am waiting for it to get to 50% off but 40% is pretty good.

Usual disclaimer that the game runs better and looks better on other platforms. Switch offers portability that wins out for some people.

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  • $10 on ps4

  • Man the switch tax is strong with this one.

    • You should see switch prices for every other game!

      I was sincerely gonna say how great this price is for switch, because it's only a bit more than twice as much as the usual sale price on PC.

      Normal launch switch prices are comparable to other online stores, but they don't go down enough over time, and the sales are so rare and such measly discounts.

      I wonder how many games you have to buy before owning a Switch has a total cost of ownership higher than the pricey-est versions of the PS5 and XSX. 5 games? 10?

      • I can kind of understand the pricing strategy for their 1st party/exclusive games. you cant get them on any other platform, so they can charge a premium. Not happy about it, but I get it.

        But for games that are:
        - Old
        - Ported
        - Play significantly worse on switch (graphics downgrade, 30fps lock)
        - Regularly cheaper than the sale price on other platforms by 50% (i think its been down to $15 on PC?)

        It's daylight robbery.

        • My favourite example is LA Noir, it's like a decade old and was in PC Steam sales for $5 within about a year of release.

          It's like $60 on the switch store, and goes down to like $30 once a year on sale.

          Switch game prices be actually crazy.

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            @ItsMeAgro: For those people who want to play games on the Switch a discount is still a discount. Similar comments are all over Apple posts. There is a group of people who comment on how expensive iphones are and how discounts on them are not deals, or how iphones are not worth the money.

            Yet, there are people who acknowledge that they want to use an iphone, or Switch, and the prices are high. And, a discount on the high price is a deal because where else can you get an iphone or a Switch game for better price? No where… So if you want to play this or something else on a Switch you are paying a premium. Its still a deal to get it at lowest ever price for that platform.

            Can I carry around a PS4/PS5/Xbox and play it on a city bus or a metro train? No. Can I play the switch while traveling? Yes. So then if I want to play a particular game while traveling it matters 0% that PS4 version is cheaper.

            I dislike Switch prices but a deal on something is still a deal. If someone can find me a better price for this game, on Nintendo Switch, then please post it as a bargain. It would help all other people who want to play this game on Nintendo Switch.

            • @g1: "Can I carry around a PS4/PS5/Xbox and play it on a city bus or a metro train? No. Can I play the switch while traveling? Yes. So then if I want to play a particular game while traveling it matters 0% that PS4 version is cheaper."

              Sorry to say but you are wrong. You want proof? Here it is!

              https://www.geekwire.com/2019/console-gaems-guardian/ (serious)

              https://i.redd.it/be2zrebzl4jx.png (not so serious)

              • @Lysander: No need to be sorry. You clearly travel at times where there is plenty of space to pull that out. I can't see myself standing up leaning against the rail and playing that.

              • @Lysander: That game suitcase is not for everyone. Why carry that bulky thing just to play game?

                • @hawkeye93: I am not saying it is for but clearly it is possible.
                  That suitcase is for pro gamers and soldiers - says so in the description. Costs $700 US.

            • @g1: @g1

              You are correct. Don't get me wrong, I'm keeping my switch.

              Still, I bet about 90% of switch owners don't realise their last-gen device is actually the most expensive console to own in the long run, including the latest PS5 and XSX (if you wait for discount sales before buying some or all of your games).

              I just don't want people who mostly play their switch, but DO own a PC or other console, to not realise this isn't actually a deal unless you can't or won't play this game on anything but the Switch.

        • Switch has hardly any AAA games. It's mostly mobile quality indie games. Some are great and put Nintendo pathetic minimal effort to shame. Most aren't and switch owners generally don't know better. That's why are often tell me how great games look on the switch despite it lacking lighting effects and other previous gen features like chat

  • This is not a good deal at all.

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    portability is nice, but not worth the extra $40…