Telstra Affiliation Code for Registration on S+ App (Samsung)

Hi everyone,

Can someone share how to get affiliation code for Telstra that we can use to register for S+ Samsung app. I am after that 50% off Samsung Galaxy S21 discount code. I have team telstra id, but can’t find affiliation code anywhere.

Thank you guys.

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  • Not gonna happen buddy. You need to be employed with Telstra, require a telstra email to make the purchase on the Samsung website and also the promo is over :)

    • team telstra id

      You say you have a team telstra ID, do you mean an email address?

      If you're employed with telstra, check the yammer page, you missed it. Better luck next year

      • I am not employed, but providing services as contractor to Telstra. I do have a telstra email address. I have confirmed I am eligible for it, but just couldn’t find the affiliation code, I will keep an eye on yammer posts and will try next year.
        Thanks for clarifying that.

  • its too late to get the discount.. but if you WERE a Telstra employee, i would tell you to check Yammer as there's an enormous thread about it

    • Didn’t know it was already discussed on Yammer. Just found so many conversations about it. And also found affiliation code for me. Thanks for help guys. Will definitely help me next time.

      • why would you ask on a PUBLIC FORUM for assistance with something like this anyway?

        • Well, you did answer his question…

          • @John Kimble: Exactly. I was just looking for a hint where to get more info from. I also agree that I shouldn’t have asked it on public forum, but all offer information is publicly availble from Samsung, so thought nothing wrong asking here. Tried every possible channel, no one knew about it. So, big thumbs up for OzBargain community 👍

            • @CrazyBargainer: It’s not actually publicly available though.

              • @supasaiyan: It is. I don’t want to share the link here, but it is 100% available online where anyone can see it. I have come to know about the complete process by deep google search that gave me pdf with all details. The only thing you don’t get is the link to download S+ App (You get it from EPP) and affiliation code (from internal communication). Also, i would call it “publicly available” because it didn’t need any authentication to view the document.