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LEGO City Town Center - 60292 $99 + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ BIG W


kmart $119
Lego RRP $159

Kids get to dive into the LEGO City Adventures TV series with this premium-quality LEGO City Town Centre (60292) playset. There’s a toy pizza restaurant, recycling station, car wash, EV charging station, martial arts dojo and a park with a kids’ ride, plus fun LEGO City minifigure characters. And with the included LEGO City Road Plates, kids can connect to other playsets to expand their city – just the way they like it!

Also on Amazon, but better to buy from bigw then a company that only lowers prices to price match.

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  • +2

    Seems a fair but not amazing price for what you get. RRP on this years City is just stupidly high.

  • Also on Amazon, but better to buy from bigw then a company that only lowers prices to price match.

    nah always prefer Amazon AU. fast and efficient.

    • +6

      So what happens when there is no stores left for them to price match?
      also they pack lego terribly. I rate them as the worst, dont even know why they bother putting 2 bits of paper in thier boxes

      • +2

        probably to clean up some rubbish that they've got, :)

    • Got to second the Amazon preference, sadly - ordering from Big W, Target and Kmart, even on click and collect always seems to take longer and inconvenience me more than ordering on Amazon. Amazon orders also usually arrive before a click and collect is ready for pick up from Target and Kmart, too. Having said that, Amazon warehouse people LOVE to pack even the smallest orders in enormous boxes and fill with paper.

      • indeed
        order for target, took 5 days
        amazon, order in afternoon got it the next day

      • I bought C&Ced two Lego sets from different Big W stores this month - both orders ready within an hour.
        I've bought one thing from Amazon this year and delivery was quite poor was expected early morning, instead got a phone call asking when I'd be home! Expalined I was home, especially to take teh delivery. Was told the driver had just been but would return immediately. Second phone call to confirm he'd be back within an hour. Delivery finally arrived about 8pm at night.

        Agree that Lego City RRPs are as ridiculous as all the licensed sets this year. And the city town-themed sets look especially poor - mostly the new style road pieces with really skimpy buildings and simple vehicles. I don't think I'll be buying any til they ditch the roads from the sets.

  • Hahaha protect big w. Don't buy from Amazon 😂

    Amazon have parcels delivered next day. Can't fault them.

    • +6

      not protect BigW but protect competition. No competition hurts the consumer.

    • +1

      Amazon have parcels delivered next day. Can't fault them.

      There's plenty of ways to fault Amazon. Delivery times is not one of them.

  • +1

    Looked t this set today after spotting the big discount. No way this is worth $99 let alone the rrp. Just banking on people wanting the road plates.

    • Eh, I think it has plenty of fun stuff for kids and is easy to expand upon.

      • 20 cents per piece is a massive ripoff for unlicenced Lego. Even at the discounted price its 12.5 cents per piece.

        • +1

          per piece is kind of a floored way to look at it. like what about the mosaic lego, they are just alot of dots.

          • @zerog101: yeah and it's really insane that LEGO has them at $199, LOL

        • 12c pp seems OK considering it has a bunch of large parts (roads, windows) and 10 minifigs tbh.

  • +1

    Although I can get this for $85, it still feels overpriced

    • $85 where??

      • Staff discount with gift card. That ship has sailed now I suspect.

  • Expired. $159 now.