Does Anyone Use Coles on eBay for Their Grocery Shop?

I'm thinking of signing up to eBay plus and using it to do my weekly grocery shop for Coles, I'm hoping to get some feedback from others who've used the service

  • Do they have their full range online?
  • are the ebay prices the same as in the supermarket?
  • is it easy to use, searching and adding products?
  • can you browse specials?

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  • Nope not the full range, far from it.
    Item prices vary, for example drinks/ bulky lots are more expensive.
    Easy to use, but time consuming. Heaps of Items always OOS, like the Coles branded facial tissues 224 pack.
    Yes you can browse the %50 off , weekly specials etc and order from there ( what i usually do, then go and add whatever else I need)
    Very rare to have a full order fulfilled, always something OOS

  • It is not at all a substitute for Coles and Woolworths online.

    They dont sell toilet paper, fresh full cream milk and lots of others.

    Most products are only available under a premium brand.

    Most prices are the same as the supermarket but some are more expensive especially the bulky products.

    There is a limit of 5 of any single item so you can't even stock up on specials.

    Overall, the product range is very limited.

    You get free shopping bags though.

  • Did it once as they had a $50 off for $xxx spend. Didn't have what I really needed ie. Nappies, baby formula. Once I placed the order, about 30% got cancelled and I got a full price refund of what the item was listed as. So I was about $30 better off as they didn't pro-rata out the $50 voucher.

    Wouldn't order it on ebay again though

  • Thanks for all the responses, this is pretty much what I was expecting to hear so I'll give it a miss

  • I'd rather pick my own items.

  • The comments above are correct but it does have some advantages. Although the range is more limited, prices seem pretty much the same and so are many specials. Free delivery for a $49 spend is great and you can pick your delivery window for free, even the 2 hour ones. Also there seems to always be a 10% off code, it was 20% off a while back, so a pretty good discount on top. If you can find some products you buy regularly it might be worthwhile, but you will need to buy your fresh food (meat fruit veg etc) elsewhere. I combine with Harris Farm which works for me, it’s been well worth it. I signed up with one of the $50 voucher offers so basically free.

  • Coles has an offer 1st month free if you sign up to their subscription service. Found the ebay Coles store limited and hard to use so never even bothered with the ebay plus offer.
    I was considering doing this but its min. $100 spend each time to qualify for free delivery. Its cheaper just to pay for the 6hr slot next day delivery which is sometimes as low as $2 to $4 when i don't have time to go to local shop, and min is only $50.

  • Hi There, I use it occasionally though I find it hard to do my shopping, half the time it's easier to stop by your local stores, browse all Isles and out in 15 minutes if you don't go during peak hour, online you can spend half an hour searching for your groceries or going through 50-100 pages to see their full range. It's with a try, you do get access to the full range and delivery fee is reasonable, specials are there and I believe that eBay prices are the same. Good luck