Am I Being Too Entitled?

Hello all,

I purchased a new microwave (~$400) in November after our other 12 year old unit started playing up. I bought an LG which was fantastic, was big to accommodate the needs of my family and has handy features that we didn't know we needed until we used them! Late January, the units heating function died, and taking it back to the well know retailer in Victoria, we were told the unit needed to be repaired.

Despite being annoyed that my new unit needed to be repaired already, we were provided a loan unit that is well underpowered and significantly smaller than our new one. The unit has been in repair for a month now and I have had to call each week to ask for a status (to which there has been none - it's still in for repair).

The smaller unit obviously works, but it's a pain in the butt. If I had some spare funds, I would buy another unit to escape the inconvenience. LG or the retailer won't offer a new unit and I'm annoyed at their customer service; mainly because each time I call theyvmention that if it's not back by a date the follow week they will call to notify me, and never do!

What are your thoughts? An I being an entitled twat? Should I suck up the inconvenience? Should LG give me a new microwave?

Thanks for your thoughts.

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    You're an entitled twat!
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    You should demand a new microwave already!
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    Create an open fire pit in your backyard for cooking and skip the microwave!


  • A $400 microwave breaking within 4 months is pretty poor. You're not being entitled - maybe it it were a $50 microwave sure. But you paid a lot of money for quality and you didn't get it.

    • That's my line of thinking, too. I understand there are pressures along the supply chain with COVID disruptions and the like, but more than ever the microwave is central to cooking in the home! I'm working from home and we have 3 kids (some still having bottles) - would be a disaster if it has more issues in the first 12 months.

  • If it's a well known retailer, they should have offered you a refund. Ask for it and buy another.

    I don't know which retailer it was, but TGG offers a gold concierge service (which offers you credits that pay for itself), and with it you get 3 year warranty that is instant swap or store credit to the value of the purchase. I usually take up their offer. It gives easier warranty. None of this wait for repair business.

    • If it's a well known retailer, they should have offered you a refund. Ask for it and buy another.

      This would be nice.

      I don't know which retailer it was, but TGG offers a gold concierge service

      Hang on, if the retailer should have already refunded, why would you pay extra for concierge??

      • Hang on, if the retailer should have already refunded, why would you pay extra for concierge??

        You never know if they will refund or not. Especially if you've had it for a while. If it breaks down 2 years later, you're probably not getting a refund unless you paid for the concierge.

        • Fair enough. Does the concierge even work in the first year? In my day, the optional extended warranty didn't kick in until after the manufacturers warranty. I do get that on white goods such as washing machines but not sure I'd bother on a microwave. It should be lasting 12 months at least, even a budget one from kmart or it shouldn't be on the shelf.

          Washing machines have a lot more moving parts and can be subject to more wear and tear with a large family.

          • @dmbminaret: it does. It depends on the manufacturer. Some are good and let you just exchange it for a new one. Others require it to be sent in for service, unless the retailer has a good policy. I agree that in the first year concierge is not essential. But you get 3 years with it, and most warranties are 2 years.

            I do get that on white goods such as washing machines but not sure I'd bother on a microwave.

            I bought it on a $279 coffee machine and it cost $38. So for a $400 microwave, it will probably cost ~$60.

            My Nespresso machine comes with 2 years warranty, but it's a repair warranty. Nespresso only does repair warranty. With concierge I had 3 years with TGG, and it broke down in the final week of those 3 years! I got my full purchase price credited back, so that was a win. The machine came with $95 coffee credit, so it was basically a profit.

            Don't forget also that you get 12x $20 credits over the 3 years.

  • Late January, the units heating function died

    This sounds like a major fault:

    Sometimes you have to stand your ground and be 'that guy' but if you're within your rights, screw them. It's not unreasonable to demand a replacement or refund if a major fault and tell them you're not leaving until they do it.

    • Because people don’t buy stuff for it to break. Op paid a pretty penny for a radiation box, that obviously didn’t last as long as it should have.

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    Buy a 2nd microwave if you have the space to put it, that way you can reheat meals/drinks concurrently :)

    May also make a complaint in productreview to see if someone from their PR department pays attention and do something beyond "standard" for you.

  • Went through this recently with a microwave just out of warranty. It had broken down while in warranty so they kindly offered to fix it again. It was "in repair" for almost a month, most of which we were away on holidays, when the wife told them in no uncertain terms that the delay was unacceptable. It was replaced with a new one within three days of that call.

    So no, you're not being too entitled, You're just too mild mannered.

  • Can you tell us the model number of the microwave? Also if you don’t mind “making up” a fictional location and name of the retailer.

  • You are entitled… entitled to your right as a consumer to have an item of merchantable quality. If you think you're getting the runaround, call up again, let them know you're going to the ombudsman, and then do it. You worked your backside off for the money to buy that microwave (I assume), so push for it.

    Best of luck.

  • Allowing a month for the repair is pretty reasonable. If it continues to drag on I would push them for a refund or replacement. However, the loan microwave is good customer service though so I wouldn't be going full Karen just yet.

  • It seems like HN believes consumer laws are optional. That's a problem.

    "If you have a minor problem with a product or service, the business can choose to give you a free repair instead of a replacement or refund. When you have a major problem with a product, you have the right to ask for your choice of a replacement or refund. "

    That's definitely a major problem for a microwave, so you should have chosen replacement or refund, not repair.

    Write to them, copy and paste and tell them you'd like to have a refund (or a new one if it was a bargain).

  • If it's been less than 120 days from purchase perhaps you could try a charge back on your credit card? I would put the reason as merchandise not being received or received defective - visa or product not as described - MasterCard.

  • it's a major not a minor

    A product or good has a major problem when:
    it has a problem that would have stopped someone from buying it if they’d known about it
    it has multiple minor problems that, when taken as a whole, would have stopped someone from buying it if they’d known about them
    it is significantly different from the sample or description
    it is substantially unfit for its common purpose and can’t easily be fixed within a reasonable time
    it doesn’t do what you asked for and can’t easily be fixed within a reasonable time; or
    it is unsafe.

    demand replacement or full refund

    politely, firmly and repeatedly if necessary

    keep quoting consumer law at them^ and don't back down

    it works

    i once had to; refuse repair and request refund several times by email and on phone. they sent a repairer to my home anyway! i stayed polite and refused the repair again. repairer called again and i went over it again on the phone. obnoxious condescending indian guy argued at me on the phone and finally told me 'we do this all the time, we know what we're doing'. every time i stayed polite, kept quoting consumer law and didn't back down. finally got passed up to someone in management and most glorious return and refund i've ever gotten was processed.

    • can’t easily be fixed within a reasonable time

      I think 1 month is well past reasonable repair time for pretty much anything.
      I just had my car off the road for a week to have the Rear Differential Mounts replaced, a fairly major repair job. I think this was a fair and reasonable wait time.. 2 week's, would have stretched my definition of reasonable and anything more would have been completely unreasonable.

  • Been in repair for 1 month! If it was a F1 car maybe that's close to reasonable but it's a microwave - they are stringing you along.

  • Thanks for the replies all! Going to call them tomorrow and hopefully get a new microwave!

  • Sounds like a major fault to me. Call Dept Fair Trading (ACCC) and get their opinion on it.

  • The way repairs typically work, is the unit is sent back to HN warehouse, who send it to a LG distributor, who sends it to some repair subcontractor.
    The repair subcontractor will usually wait till he has two broken units, and cannibalize one unit to fix the other, and put the carcass on a shelf somewhere, rarely would they order parts (the supply chain for mass produced items is pretty woeful). So if you have 4 broken units , you can repair 3 units, and LG supplies a new one for a total of four. In your case, the repair guy is probably waiting for another broken one.

  • Finally rang today to get this sorted - store representative noted having to wait another 3 weeks based on repair information for parts to be delivered! Noted the timeline thus far was already unacceptable and managed to obtain a store credit for a new Microwave.

    Hallelujah! - Thanks all for the advice and perspectives. Jacket potatoes, here we come!