Mi Home App Missing Notifications

Hello Fellows

I am new to home automation and got Mi home starter kit. I have configured door and windows sensors (pill ones) and seems like notifications are oftenly missing even when the door is opened. I do receive sporadically after few mins but mostly, no notification. I've set my region to Australia and can see devices in home screen but not sure why notifications aren't sent in real time and it sort of defies the purpose of sensors. I am using Samsung S10 plus
Any suggestions/thoughts ? Does changing region to China mainland will resolve issue. I am mindful as I will have to reconfigure all devices.



  • I have a similar issue with the temp sensors (haven't set the door). Anytime I open the app and want to look at the temps it takes a good 10s to load before it comes through. Would be nice if we could have all this info somewhere else where it is readily available.