Dan Murphy's Giftcard as Wish Giftcard

Hi everyone, I am aware of the recent announcements:
- Wish giftcard and some other woolworths group giftcards have got the discount reduced from 5% to around 3-4% depending on the card via most membership rewards program, like Suncorp etc.
- Woolworths group giftcards are no longer as effective as wish giftcard.

My question: has anyone actually verify they are no longer the same as wish giftcard? I saw Suncorp is still giving 5% discount for Dan Murphy's eGC so I am thinking to get some and use it at Woolies Caltex and Woolies supermarket.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Yes they are no longer the same. Your transaction will not go through.

    • Thanks for the reply. Did you try it recently?

      • Yes I tried last Saturday at Woolies Caltex with a DMs eGC.

        Operator asked if my eGC started with a 555 (Wish eGC) - which DMs eGC does not.

        • Thanks, for other guys, I can confirm the new Wish eGC I got 25/02/2021 starts with 555 now. That is probably the way going forwards. If you still have the old woolies eGC like I did, it starts with 555 as well, that's why they are the same as Wish eGC.

          Also for people who wants to get wish egc, Macquarie Bank marketplace offers wish eGC with 4% discount. That was where I got mine

  • Short answer: No.

    Long answer: No. The numbering system for gift cards at Woolworths Group stores changed mid-to-late last year. For example, Big W e-gift cards now start with 712, Woolworths e-gift cards now start with 711 and WISH e-gift cards now start with 555. It is safe to assume Dan Murphy's-branded gift cards start with a different number and you cannot use them outside of a Dan Murphy's store; I tested out the gift card system by trying to redeem a Big W e-gift card at a Woolworths store, but the POS system returned an error.

    I haven't bought a Dan Murphy's-branded gift card through Suncorp, so I cannot confirm for certain what the e-gift card prefix is, but it is safe to assume that Suncorp is smart enough to only provide Dan Murphy's-branded gift card (not WISH gift cards) when you purchase a Dan Murphy's-branded gift card.

    • DM prefix is 715

      Found this spreadsheet, under BusinessUse it has a column indicating prefix number. apparently some other store branded Christmas card has 555 prefix.

  • Card Rejected, Card Unknown. Feel free to try, though.

    BTW, if your order paid by store eGC is canceled by any stores, you'll receive a Wish card.

    • I'm assuming you're referring to online orders?

      Whenever I've been refunded in-store at Woolworths, refunds have been process onto:

      • The e-gift card originally used for the purchase
      • Physical Woolworths / Big W returns gift card
      • Physical Essentials gift card
      • Physical WISH gift card
      • Cash
      • Debit/credit card
  • FWIW, the Caltex Woolworths eGift cards through Suncorp are currently Wish eGift cards (555). Only a 3% discount like the Woolworths-only eGift cards, but it gives you greater flexibility.

  • Survey rewards providers that use Giftpay seem to have got rid of Wish cards too. It sucks. Only Woolworths cards available now..