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Musashi Products 50% off + Delivery ($0 with $50 Spend / C&C) @ Chemist Warehouse


Looks like the favourite Musashi discount is back on according to the new catalogue began 25th Feb until 10 March.

$2.50 for the 90g protein bars seems to be the most sought after. I suggest rocky road then cookies & cream or Choc brownie coming in a close second. Make sure to call your local before hand to see if they are doing the buy 10 get 1 free promo on-top of the discount.

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  • I have tried a number of these and they don't taste that good to me. I find the Atkins & Body Science varieties better tasting.

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      I've tried the Atkins brands from a friend but the ones I had only had about 10g of protein, definitely better tasting compared to Musashi but I would rather a higher protein product

      • I prefer the nutriboom products. Boom boom!

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    $2.50 for the 90g protein bars seems to be the most sought after

    Deluxe protein are heaps better than the high protein ones. Sure it's half the amount of protein per bar but at least it's not like chewing cardboard. Most people probably wouldn't need 45g of protein in a 'snack' anyway.
    Peanut crunch, Caramel cookie crunch and jam donut are all worth a try.

    Good time to stock up on 100% Whey

    • How do you find the Whey? I've heard mixed things from previous posts. I usually go for ON protein from Amazon and am happy with that after switching off bulk nutrients.

      • Don't mind it but I don't sip on it to savour the flavour. 300ml water, 1 scoop vanilla and down the hatch.
        I think a lot of people mix it with milk and find it quite sweet?

      • I usually do 200ml water with 1 scoop of chocolate. If i am craving something sweet, substitute the water with lite milk. I have no complaints either way.

      • The deluxe protein tiramisu is genuinely tasty. My favourite of the bunch

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    Thanks for the gains OP. I bought 40x of the Mushashi Protein bars, they taste like shit but they're very filling and high in protein. I'm hoping the expiry date on them isn't too bad.

    If you guys are after for something more edible, I suggest any Quest protein bars.

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      I can't stand the milk choc or salted caramel, I guess I'm becoming used to the taste of the others after ordering about 100 from the previous deal. Definitely fill me up more than my 2 scoops of whey

      • ordering about 100 from the previous deal

        How often do these go on sale?

        I've only tried mill choc, cookies and cream, and salted caramel. Salted caramel was the only one that didn't make me wanna kill myself.

        So you can kinda guess what my reaction was when I found that they had Rocky Road and Peanut butter as a flavour.

        • Probably like every 6-8 weeks it seems lately.
          "50% off Musashi" is the new "40% off Bonds"

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    Don’t forget cashback or ShopBack for extra 1% cashback.

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    Get the Creatine, thats a good price.

  • Which is the best protein powder out of these?

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      100% Whey

      • Anyone know if the vanilla is any good? My only reference is ehp labs

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    Bout high protein in an emergency last week at full price. I knew this would happen lol

  • Loving High Protein 90g ones! Always stock up @ 50% CW deals!:)
    Peanut Butter is the best imo

  • Anyone tried their preworkout? Is it any good?

    • Yeah, depends on if you've tried other more caffeinated brands. I find it gives me a pretty good hit without the crash of other brands. Worth a shot to see it goes for you.

  • Thanks OP, the two "Vanilla 100% Whey" I got last time there was a deal have about run out, great timing!

  • Thanks OP, going to try these out!

  • Has anyone tried the Musashi Fat Metaboliser + Carnitine 60 Capsules? Any feedback?

    • Waste of $

      • thanks, what is the reason why it is a waste?

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          Fat burners and T boosters don't do anything.

          When studied, the best of the best tend to move the needle by like a percentage point.

          Save the cash and do what works (a mouthful less food for the former, a good night's sleep for the latter).

  • Thanks OP, I have been waiting for what seems like forever for the range to become 50% off again. Time to stock up

  • Just got the base plant one and it gave 3 nice farts lol.

    The 100% protein has 5g sugar…nah

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