Any Good Deals on Class D Amps Lately?

I recently bought a 2nd hand gaming PC and want to upgrade the audio by hooking up my passive 100w 6 ohm Jensen bookshelf speakers.

As the computer is on a small table, shelf space is limited so I would prefer not to use a full size A/V receiver (although price on the second hand market is temptingly cheap < $100).

Therefore I am looking for a small class D amplifier to power these speakers. I don't want to spend any more than $50-$60 because for a little bit more money I can get active bookshelf speakers with Bluetooth capabilities (which there has been many deals on here recently for around $100).

I only need a basic amp with audio out and sufficient power to run the speakers in a small sized bedroom area, without any clipping or distortion (due to being underpowered).

Thanks in advance.


  • I don't know if they're still considered great but I always liked the look of the T-amp and they seemed to get good reviews:

    • They look alright but a bit over my budget unfortunately. Do you think 100 watt amp is sufficient?

      • Depending on how they calculate their watts (real, peak, or Chinese) 100w could either by enough for a set of PC speakers, or enough to power a moderate sized PA system. To put it in perspective, the Marshall speakers that The Who famously started using in the 60's were 100W. The Beatles used to perform with 30W amps - although their lack of volume lead them to stop touring as they couldn't be heard over the thousands of screaming fans.

  • Have a look at Topping and SMSL. They sell D-class amps at various price range.
    You don't need high wattages with D-amps, unlike with AB- and A-class amps. They are very efficient and 10 watts are more than enough for typical usage.

    I used a Topping TP22 (30 WPC) to drive a pair of Epos M5 (4 Ohm, 87dB sensitivity, 100W max power). The combo sang very nicely and plenty loud.

    • You don't need high wattage with A and AB amps either. RMS amplifier ratings are output ratings. 10W A/AB amps are uncommon outside of cheap receivers and AIO systems as the price difference to build 10W and a 25W A or AB amp is minimal.

      Not all D and T amps are made equally. Most of the cheaper ones will be at 10% THD at 90% output. Many cheap 30W to 50W D/T amps will use the same chips as more expensive 10W to 25W D and T amps. Will OP notice? Probably not. Like you said, 10W with decent speakers and low distortion is usually enough.