Can Someone Explain The Fortnite Payment System to Me?

So it's a monthly fee? What does that actually get you? Are there any cheaper ways to get it? It seems you used to buy a season pass but has that option now gone?

I promised my son I would buy it for him based on good behaviour and it's now time to pay up…


  • Fortnite is free. You can buy a season battlepass, which gives you uniforms, pickaxes, etc within the game as you level up. You don't need a battlepass, but your kid will want it. If you were on Xbox, you need Xbox live subscription, which allows you to play multiplayer.

    • Should be noted that Xbox live subscription won't be required to play free-to-play games online soon, so probably not worth paying upfront for a lot of months.

  • So "Fortnite Crew" is what I buy? $17.55 a month?

    I can't see how to buy a season pass… But I also noticed the season ends on march 15.

    • You don't need to buy anything within the game. The payments are just so you can wear different uniforms (and other cosmetic things which dont affect gameplay). Just install the game and get it working for free. They will be happy, but soon enough they will ask for a battlepass. The battlepass isn't expensive, and if they play it enough they will earn the next season battlepass for free with in game vbucks they accumulate.

      Fortnite crew is like a premium offering.

      • Sorry yeah that's the point he is at, playing on PC for free but now wants to unlock the costumes etc.

        I think I get it now, I buy V-Bucks with real money, he can then buy the battlepass for 950 V-Bucks. Am I on the right track?

        • Yep that's right. I'd just clarify what he wants. Most likely it's the battlepass. But be prepared for him continually asking for more vbucks to buy different items.

        • Yes, that's correct.

          The current Battlepass ends in a couple of weeks, but if he's been playing he'll get all the unlocks to his current level.

          I have a disappointed 9-year-old that I refused to subscribe to the "Fortnite Crew" as that is a recurring monthly payment, but he does get the Battle Pass as that is every 3 months or so.

        • Also ensure you set up parental controls for the system he's playing on.

          That way you won't get unpleasant surprises for purchases of V-Bucks.

          My son plays on Xbox and is on a child account (where I have given an exception for Fortnite), I put funds onto his account and he has to get approval to purchase V-Bucks.

          PS5 is a pain as a child account cannot purchase things for Fortnite - he was given a PS5 voucher for a skin pack, and that refused to redeem as he was under 12, despite my best efforts in making a one-time exception.

  • Username checks out…

  • In a rare moment of self-reflection a few months ago, my child realised he wasted at least $500 to buy GTA 5 in-game currency and vbucks over the years. Keep a tally of the real money spent, your son might want to find out one day.

  • You can still buy battle pass and do for each season .

    The crew is a monthly coin and uniform subscription where you can use those coins to buy a battle pass.