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Percussion Massage Gun 60% off - $31.98 + $6.95 Delivery ($0 with $155 Spend) @ Home Kit Australia


We are keen to run down stock of these percussion massage guns so this 60% discount offer is exclusive to OzBargain.
These are probably no better or worse than the units discussed on these pages but they are relatively quiet. Specs and details are on the https://homekitaustralia.com.au website.
We have oodles in stock - black, red, silver and blue - you choose.
Use the code OZPERCUSSION60 at checkout to receive the 60% discount.

Percussion massage gun 60% off = $31.98 + $6.95 (standard delivery)
Spend $155 in one order, express post delivery is FREE
Loyalty rewards points are available

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Home Kit Australia
Home Kit Australia

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  • +1

    There seems to be cheaper options with better battery life on ebay What makes this product any better besides the inflated RRP?

    • Found what looks like the identical product with free shipping for cheaper.

      • I was going to say what makes you so sure it's identical, but then I noticed the same dude in the stock photos on both eBay and this site.

        • We are not selling these on eBay - this is exclusively for OzBargain - dude is not me.

  • Looks the same as the $25 KH-320 guns on ebay - they aren't bad at all for the price.

  • This would more accurately be called a vibration gun than percussion gun. Percussion requires enough clearance and power that the head leaves contact with the body between every strike. These cheaper guns (sub $200) never seem to have that clearance. Not that they are bad, especially for this price, but they are different.

  • whats the deal with these (in general), they any good?

    • -2

      We only sell what we use ourselves - we find them great but that's going to be a personal choice.
      Thanks for the feedback.

      • +1

        what feedback?

        • everyone's feedback - always appreciated views and questions

  • +1

    Landfill material - They're in no way, shape or form and function comparable to the more expensive ones.
    Went through that phase till I bought a Theragun.
    No stroke given, no stall force given = no way does this do a proper deep massage.

    • Totally agree, went through a couple of cheap knockoffs then got the Theragun G3 from Kogan.. well worth the extra $$.
      The other massagers have been palmed off.

      • +2

        We could get these in but they would be close to $100 each - if there is demand for these we can investigate further.

        • +1

          You can get Theragun's for $100 each? Yes, there is demand!

          • +1

            @Morien: It would be close to that. Freight is the killer and we don't have a container planned for several months.
            If OzBargainers could email me or send a private message I can ascertain whether it's worthwhile us doing this and consolidating with another importer.

        • +2

          If you can get a gun that has a stroke of 16mm, a stall force of over 40lbs. Don't give a shit about many speeds. Three is enough. For a $100, I'll buy my friends and family one each.

          • +1

            @he11bent: ok thanks for the heads up on the specs - leave it with me for a few days.

            • +3

              @HomeKit Australia: OK, just waiting on a freight quote.
              We are looking at one that looks almost identical to the one at Kogan - 17mm stroke and 2800-3000RPM. Don't have a stall force yet.
              We would need to purchase 100 pieces so we would need to have a number of people looking to purchase.
              With freight the price will most likely end up being just over the $100 mark.

  • Black have all gone - still good numbers of red, blue & silver

  • Last few of blue, red and silver remaining

  • Thanks everyone for the orders