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Bluestone 4pc 28cm Cookset $79.95 (RRP $499) + $10 Delivery + More Discounted Kitchenware @ Harris Scarfe


Walked into Harris Scarfe (West Lakes in SA, at least a dozen still there.) and saw this cookset heavily discounted compared to the rest of the Bluestone stuff there. It's not incredible, and the RRP is definitely a bit silly, but it's decent set at this price (Previous best price I could find was $99). My partner uses this particular one and it has been going strong for a good year now without any visible issues/discolouration.

They had pretty much a 30-50% discount on virtually all kitchen ware there too, so plenty of other choices if you are looking for something else to add to your cooking tool set.

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Harris Scarfe
Harris Scarfe

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  • They are good but you need to be careful because the finish is easily chipped

  • Is RRP a joke?

    • When isn't it? $499 is laughable!

      • The only cookware I would ever spend that much on is solidteknics, which is worth it for the quality, warranty and to support Aussie manufacturing. Run of the mill stuff like this just end up becoming trash over time

    • Cookware is always like this. Case in point is Home or house or whatever the hell that shop is called, with it's 70% off sales literally always.

  • alright so worth a buy at this price? if any users can comment will be helpful.

    • Well I bought one, if that means anything lol

      1. OK for this price, but defo' would not pay much more than the $79 for these.

      2. I have a 'personal/little-bitch pet-hate' about companies that include the lid as one of the 'pieces'. In reality it's a 3-piece deal, and not even one lid per piece at that. When you buy three 'lidded' saucepans of different types, no non-sheist-worthy company calls that a '6 pc cookset' …

      3. I have had these in the past, and still have one piece (and it's not the lid ;-P) … and as others have said, these are evidently not designed for high heat, and they are comparatively easily chipped.

      4. Note to the 'slight' … these are pretty heavy. This can be a problem if you're embarking on a 'long cook' involving quite a bit of transitioning from one vessel to another, 'wok-style-tossing' (have at that one punsters), etc. …

      5. Lastly, the colour stains very quickly on these, though to be fair this does not seem to correspond with reduced performance. What I mean by that is, after only about 4 or 5 proper cooks the 'white flecks' were no longer white, and the 'vivid blue' was a bit more like a somewhat smoggy summer day sky (despite careful cleaning), but it was a good 6 months or so after that until performance really started to go downhill.

  • I have the same set. Bought it 2 years ago for the same price at HS.

    It's actually pretty good. The non-stick kinda wears off a bit after 2 years. But still pretty good.

    Just don't use it for deep frying or on high heat.

    I actually quite like it. Still using em at home.

  • Can't use these on high heat.. my set has worn down after 2.5 years because I didn't read the instructions. I recommend for the price if you take care of them.

  • I got these last April and the fry pans have worn out already. Pots still good, but they don't get used as much

    • Same issue, maybe a little older though. Frying pan gets plenty of use, no metal utensils, no dishwasher. The finish is starting to come off.

      • Yes my recommendation is to not buy non stick cookware. It is never needed. I only have a set because of my wife.

        The only pans you need are cast iron, stainless steel, and a carbon steel wok.

        Carbon steel woks are $20. Cast iron pans are under $20 at ALDI very often, or check Lodge deals on Amazon. A used one is another option, they last forever.

        For stainless you want tri ply or multiclad, not cheap but they are worth it and can be had for $30-$40 very often too.

        The deal posted here has 15% one star reviews. My personal threshold is about 7-8% max, then I read the reviews. Sorry I just don't think this is a good deal. Same sort of toy cookware available at bigw for less.

        • Fair enough. I appreciate your reply. I only bought it cos my partner has it, and it's been fine for us cooking there.

        • I would not recommend cast iron from aldi. Far better off with lodge from Amazon

        • Why is nonstick not a good buy?

          I can't say I've cooked on every surface, but I like the simple fact that I can cook virtually anything adequately on a nonstick frypan (for example) and short of burning the crap out of it, it only takes a light swipe with a soapy sponge to clean it right up.

          That sounds like a benefit that just can't be beat?

  • This is probably about the same quality as BigW, but here is a Stonewell at a bargain price of $17.48. They also have 32cm ($19.88) and 28cm pans for a bit over $15, not on website but in clearance areas. Noticed in BigW Glenorchy Tas. They never seem to get a good rap, even at bargain prices. I got the 32cm pan, as perfect for larger meals!


  • Use WELCOME10 Code for $8.00 off so $2 for delivery

  • HS RRP and discount is a.Joke.