Is 20mbps Capped Speeds for 4G Good Enough?

Saw felix mobile offering 20Mbps unlimited data $35/month.

Anyone currently with felix mobile able to give any feedback on the service?


  • I'm currently using Felix while waiting for NBN Co to pull their heads out and fix my connection. 20Mbps is fine for pretty much everything. If you do any sort of gaming or ping-sensitive work then you may have some issues while other users upload or download.

    The important part is to make sure that the device you have the SIM card in is located in the spot with the best reception possible. That will generally be near a window, somewhere up high. You can use online maps to work out where your closest tower is that offers Vodafone 4G.

    • I have two mobiles - one is on Felix and one is on Mate Mobile (Bundle deal with NBN), used a lot of data on the Felix one already, never needing to use my backup (Mate Mobile) one which is lucky cause there's pretty much only 15gb on it.

  • It depends how lucky you are, you are best to get a kogan $4.90 sim and see if you can reach those speeds. In my area I can't reach those speeds sadly.

    Once 5G is released, maybe it might be worthwhile.

  • I'm able to reach these speeds - i've used about 70gb so far this past week and a half whilst NBN was down for me.