Recommendations for a Multi Port Fast Charger (20W Per Port Minimum) 4 USB Ports Minimum Total Can Take up to 8

Looking to replace my cheap 2 port has charger that only has 1 x 5v 2a port and 1 x 5v 1a port.

Wondering if there is any usb charger out there with minimum 4 usb ports that can output more than 5v 2a in each port so all my devices can charge at max speed at the same time.

Honestly I could probably do with an 8 or 6 port charger.

I am looking at blitzwolf now but I know there has to be a more heavy duty multi charging charger that can output more than 75 watts to multiple usb ports.

I don't need PD or any laptop level charging just a bunch of fast charging capable tablets and phones and other devices.

What are the top products in this space or do I need to use up 2 power outlets to charge 4 or more devices at fast speed at the same time?


  • 5v 2a = 10 watts

    20 watt per port means realistically PD or QC3 charger

    • Sorry I think I meant 2.4A but yes I'm trying to find if there is any high port count charger with QC3 level charging or similar basically multi 20W charging.

      My devices can safely limit output if it is too much wattage for the device but obviously not boost the charging it if it is not reaching the maximum capable speed due to port output limitations so I am trying to see if one exists with 4 port or more 20W+ charging capacity for each individual port or if the Ravpower 6 port 60W charger with all 5V 2.4A ports is the highest capacity multiple device charger out atm.

      I can't utilise USB PD for any of my devices I think so that rules that out.

      I'm collecting a few devices so actually the 6 port will not be enough by the end of the year and I may have to buy a second one if I can't find a 10 port charger or higher in the future.

      This is my dilemma have you got any answers thoughts or ideas?

      Thanks in advance.

    • Yes QC3 I think is what I mean.

      Basically the one above 5V 2.4A or whatever standard is above that speed wise.

      I own a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 and Huawei Mediapad M3 8.4 atm with another Huawei Mediapad M3 8.4 on the way while I replace the charging port and battery on the dying one.

      Then there is the wireless headset that I can charge and still use at the same time when battery is low.

      A couple bluetooth headphones and earphones but I don't use them all at the same time so only 1 or 2 can be charging at a time maybe.

      My Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X phone or 4 I actually still don't know which version I have I ordered the 4X ages ago but the box I think said 4 and I never followed up after that.

      I can't remember if I have another Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 on the way but I was looking at the Tab S6 and Tab S6 Lite tablets as possibilities for other uses.

      Then there is the potential to get the new iPad's be it Pro/Mini/Air etc but I don't know if they are compatible with non apple chargers.

      And who knows what other stuff I might buy in the future that needs charging.

      So the more ports and power capacity (power supply wattage) the better.

  • This could be close:
    JB: $129: ALOGIC Rapid Power 4 Port 100W GaN Wall Charger

    • Highest one so far.

      Just gotta find out if the usb-c ports will work on some of my devices.

      4 ports make me sad as I need 6 preferably so I don't need to take up another outlet slot but this might be good for my tablets.

      • Was going to say GaN chargers also go to 150 watts.

        If ok with 6 USB A at 12 watts each then this should suit Anker 60W 6-Port USB Wall Charger, Powerport 6. Amazon sells it but could not link as flagged as a referral or affiliate link.

        Also good [read] (

        • Nice article but then what does it mean when it says 5V 2.4A for USB A ports.

          I guess I have to found out if any older tabs from the 2015 to 2018 ers support PD.

          I don't think the Samsung Galax Tab S2 supports USB PD but I will have to check.

          Thanks for the information really helpful I'll try spread it and pay it forward.

          • @AlienC: Means the max the USB A port can provide is 12 watts (5V x 2.4A).

            Here's another useful article about the different quick charging standards and which manufacturer is adopting which:

            Samsung either use Qualcomm's quick charge (QC) standard or their own adapter fast charging. Apple uses PD. A PD charger will still work for Samsung but not as fast.

            Yeah, pay it forward is good :)

      • Was also going to say I have this: HPM Mobile 3-Port USB Wall Charger with link to catch but flagged as referral. USB A up to 3 amps but don't notice it charging my iphone much faster compared with 2.4 amps. About 1% per minute.

        GaN might be overkill unless you are also charging large tablets or laptops.

        Hope this one gets published.

    • I really like this one

      100W 8 Ports LCD Display Quick Charge 3.0 USB Charger Adapter HUB

      Bit afraid because it is a no name brand it might catch fire on me or just be inferior quality but honestly this might have better output than the other 60W and 75W chargers but they are at least from very safe well known brands.

      I am talking RAVpower, ANKER and BlitzWolf.

      I have no use for PD or USB-C slots but still it makes this a 7 port 100W charger.

      Ah well you only live once I am gonna take a chance on this charger and see if I live to tell the tale.

      Thanks for the recommendation this should be enough until I find something better or the top known brands release something similar with more wattage capacity.

      Really appreciate it.

    • I went ahead and bought this one

      Has the most QC3.0 port and still good number of other ports.

      Not the best as I want more faster ports but it will do for now.

      And for under $50 AUD delivered it is pretty nice but we shall see about the build quality and how long it lasts.

      If you don't hear from me anymore assume I died in an electrical fire thanks to this item trying to charge 6 different devices at the same time lol.

      Wish me luck.

  • Is this what you’re after?®-BW-S16-75W-6-Port-USB-PD-Charger-Dual-PD3_0-Dual-QC3_0-Support-QC2_0-AFC-FCP-Fast-Charging-EU-AU-US-UK-Plug-Adapter-wp-Usa-1707999.html?rmmds=search&act_poa=POA6961288&cur_warehouse=USA

    • It is one of the top contenders atm until I can find something better.

      Basically I want something capable of outputting fast charge to 4 devices simultaneously minimum.. around about 20-25 watts per port so 80-100 watts total power supply required with options to do even more like maybe 6-8 devices but the extra 2-4 slots can be what is considered "slow charging" or 5V 1A or there abouts slower charging.

      Right now the RAVpower charger, the Anker charger and the BlitzWolf chargers are my top contenders or options I am looking at until I find something better.

      There is also the but that requires me to get some usb-c to usb-a cables but so far it is the charger with the highest output but I have no idea if I can use the usb-c ports for my devices or if it will be incompatible so more research is needed.