This was posted 9 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[PC] Stardew Valley $8.49 (Was $16.99) @ Steam


Farming game.
276,458 reviews on steam with an overall score of: Overwhelmingly Positive.

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  • Same price on GOG or VPN to Russia to get it for even cheaper.

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      Honestly, this game is 100 percent worth it even at full price and we got a big update not too long ago too, no need to be so stingy!

      • Stingy's my middle name.

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      support devs, if you like it it's well worth the money, and if you don't, steam has a refund policy that I don't know if GOG has before 2 hour playtime

    • Support indie developers

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    Worth mentioning that it's the historical low.

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    Awesome game, really fun albeit a bit slow.

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      Fast compared to Animal Crossing!

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      It's kind of as fast as you make it. Set yourself the goal of year 1 community centre complete and you have to go pretty full pelt.

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    If I only could pick Switch or mobile version, which is best?

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      All versions offer the same game, but typically the updates have been offered PC before Switch or mobile. imo Mouse and keyboard is the best way to experience the game because on mobile, the controls cover up a decent amount of the screen and it makes it slightly awkward to play. Similarly switch doesn't use on-screen controls so I think that it would be a better experience in that regards

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        I have it on mobile on a Note 9 and it's fine - may just be a difference in screen size though, as the Note 9 is quite big.

        I started on mobile and my partner started on Switch - she had a nightmare with combat in the mines, while I had auto-attack on the mobile so I just stood there while my character did the fighting automatically.

        You also just click where you want to go on the screen and you go there; can zoom out to see more of the map; and don't have to select tools to switch between them (e.g. pickaxe for rock; hoe for grass; axe for trees).

        Mobile's been fantastic for me and I added it to Google Family so my partner can use it too - she's loving it and abandoned her game on the Switch hahah.

        That said, no co-op does suck, so we're buying this deal so we have it on PC so we can play with her friends. It's seriously that good a game that it's worth having on all these platforms, and the dev is so wholesome I don't mind paying

    • If portability isn't that big a deal I would go Switch just for the controls.

    • Mobile doesn't have multiplayer.

    • I would go Switch, this is the version I play, it got the 1.5 update the other week.

    • Switch. Couldn't imagine playing it on a mobile. I originally purchased on PC and put a lot of hours in, then bought it again on Switch and put in a lot more hours in.

      Honestly the game is cheap at full price.

  • Love this game.

  • This is an excellent game and well worth the RRP. I personally prefer it on switch, I find the controls really intuitive and easy to use but PC is also fun.

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    GOG is preferable for DRM free, unless you prefer Steam Link? I already own it on XBONE, still picking this up for PC at this price.

    Incredible that the developer still gives it so much love, continuously updating and refining features (e.g. recent addition of local co-op etc.) 5 years on:

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    It's the game that keeps on giving.

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    great game, great price. i'd buy it again at full RRP. about to start my second playthrough

  • one of my favorite games ever. The gameplay is kinda reminds me of my childhood game, Harvest Moon: Back to Nature.

  • By coincidence, today is the 5th anniversary of the release of SDV by ConcernedApe (says his Twitter). :o

  • seems to be on Mac as well

  • Relative Steam noob
    How does it work if I have a steam account?
    Do I need to buy separately for PC and Mac?

    And would two players (one on PC and one on Mac) be able to play the coop mode together

    (I did once play an online game on Android and realised that the iOS servers were completely different)

    • How does it work if I have a steam account?

      you buy it on steam

      Do I need to buy separately for PC and Mac?

      And would two players (one on PC and one on Mac) be able to play the coop mode together
      yes, as long as you're on the same network - I did this 2 yrs ago, it mightve changed since

      You can refund within 2 hrs on steam if you dont like the game btw

      • Yep buy on steam

        Nope steam is same for Mac and PC so buy once

        Yep Mac and PC both run the same (as steam is the same) so can play together no problem including mods. Online too not sure about aboves same network comment no problem playing online from anywhere

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          LAN on one copy

          Normal mutliplayer over any 2 computers but you need 2 copies for that

  • Thanks for the replies guys

  • Would I be able to play online multiplayer with friends cross-platform? (e.g. one on GOG and two on Steam) Any help is appreciated for this Steam/GOG noob thanks :')

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      Yeah you should be able to I'd assume, just give them the invite code for whoever hosts the game.

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