Where to Sell Vinyl Records?

So I’ve heard there’s a bit of a market for old records nowadays. A family member has asked me to see if I can flog off a collection they have. Where’s the best place to sell them? Is eBay any good? Or does no one shop for second hand goods there any more?



    Have you googled record stores in your area?

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    Gumtree often has buyers advertising for bulk lots of records. You might find the offers will be less than $1 per record though.

    I went through the hundred or so at my mum's and entered them into discogs (took hours trying to identify the correct recording reference), but this allowed me to pull aside the ones worth more (>$5) so we could try and sell them ourselves for a better return.

    Although 6months later and they are still back in the storage area because it's a pain to deal with.


    there are a few record markets that happen where collectors and like minded people get together and sell them. They do usually have to be cataloged in some order and yeah you have to know your pricing. Some of the rare ones though fo for a bit of money.

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    Discogs if you can be bothered listing them all, will probably get you best price per record.

    Otherwise FB marketplace… Got a photo/list? I might be interested =]


      Yeah post a couple of pics!


    If you want to offload them easily without too much drama, see if you have a local record store that will buy bulk collections. If you have none local theres a Facebook group "VINYL RECORDS BUY SELL SWAP AUSTRALIA' you could post in.

    Always check Discogs though to see if you have anything valuable that may be worth selling separately.

    If the collection is full of Kamahl, Des O'Connor etc then dont even bother, you may be lucky and find an op shop that doesnt have hundreds already that will take them off your hands for free.


    Which city are you in? I might be interested

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    Post up some photos, might be keen as long as its not Olivia Newton John and Kamahl records.