Looking for Mario Kart for Switch

I just bought Mario 3D and animal crossing for 40 something each new
with lattitude deal etc

but I need to get Mario kart as part of the present for a friend trying to source it new or used doesn't matter but i'm hoping to get it for 40ish..

if anyone knows of somewhere .. or if its possible to use latitude pay more then 2 times.


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    There is a $49 Amazon special occasionally, but you'll have to wait. About $62 normally or sometimes down to $60.

  • Just bought a preowned off face book market place today for 50

    Picking up a pokemon game for 40 tomorrow

    And had already bought mario U for 40 on Friday

    Need more joycons

  • Unless on sale, you're unlikely to get a new copy for $40. You may be able to take advantage of some unsuspecting seller on marketplace.