Who does eMail-to-FAX to 1300-no's: fax.plus now demands a Plan; VirtualFAX by CrazyTel.com.au says "try again l8r"

So, Fax.Plus seemed OK (~$0.25 / page), until I tried FAX the ATO… which offered only a 1300-number…

…which Fax.Plus considers a high-cost one, & - without notice - took a lot more $$ than we'd expected to be charged.

At least the FAXes went thru… each time we had to send one… & only 1 per month or so, so we bit the bullet & paid their price.

UNTIL today… when they - without notice - changed the rules:

Now, you pay a fixed monthly fee ~US$ 7, from memory, maybe $1 less by the year?

So, off we go hunting for something cheaper.

CrazyTel seems to have a cheap page rate, but - of course - (so far) it doesn't seem to be able to send to ATO's 1300-no.

It doesn't say WHY it failed… just "Try again later"

It may need he eMail to come from an .AU eMail address…?

Or… it may unable to say it can't FAX via a 1300-no. …or maybe the number is busy?

No hint!

So, Who know our good ol' POTS &/or the newer eMail to FAX system well enough to know what my chances are of sending-Success to a 1300-no.?

I doubt any1's using CrazyTel's VirtualFAX, & I had no joy searching for workarounds in their KB.

They seem to be more voip-phone based than FAX…?

So, HELP if you can, thanks…

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