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[NSW, ACT, VIC] 100 Free Deliveries for Users Who Used Chowbus 3 Times or Less @ Chowbus


For new users (aka those who have ordered through Chowbus 3 times or less) use code NOFEE to receive 100 free deliveries on Chowbus.

For example, I have ordered once on Chowbus before, but because it was my second delivery the code was valid. I have 99 free deliveries left.

Can't see any expiry date or minimum spend requirements.

You'll need to make sure NOFEE is applied at checkout for each delivery. However, mine seems to be automatically applied each time I open the app.

Sydney — Canberra — Melbourne

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  • Never heard of this one. I just looked for Sydney, and seems like it’s mostly city and surrounds :)

    • same for melb, seems to have a good feature where you can buy stuff from surrounding stores as well and it doesnt add to the delivery cost, which is a great idea.

  • No Brisbane :(