Recomendations on a Smart Wall or Ceiling Fan


Need to install 4 fans in different rooms on a 2.4M ceiling.

Since we have much of everything else in house on google home.
Need recommendations on a Smart Wall fan or Low Profile Smart Cieling fan.

Found a Kogan Wall Smart Fan but unsure of air output. Any other options out there?

Thanks in advance


  • Start with Beacon Lighting, so many options, although the smart fans are usually crappy cheap design.
    I went with better design + dumb fan option, with Broadlink RM4 pro.

    • I went with this option as well. Although I retrofitted a 433Mhz RF fan controller to my really dumb fan. If you are getting new fans, make sure you get fans with remotes. I also recommend you get fan controllers that operate via 433Mhz RF instead of IR because then you can probably get away with one Broadlink RM4 pro instead of one in each room.

      • I thought all fans are running on 433Mhz RF, anyway, I bought four and I didn't need to do anything. Just had to learn it to one Broadlink RM4 pro and automated it via HA. Only issue is, HA doesn't know the current status of it, oh well, I can live with that.

        • You maybe right, but it doesn't hurt to be sure, I have been caught out a few times making assumptions in my home automation journey. :)

          Re: HA, I haven't integrated the voice commands in mine, I linked my Broadlink account to my Google Home instead. My internet connection is CGNAT, therefore couldn't put my HA on the "internet".

  • Also went with the Broadlink RM Pro option for this a few years ago and was happy with the result.

    If considering this option make sure the remote control for the fan is RF with the correct frequency matching the Broadlink. The standard was 433MHz when I did mine and assuming that hasn't changed.

    The process to set up is simple but the step where you program the Broadlink to learn the remote's signals was a bit unreliable. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. Just need to retry and will get there. Once set up it works reliably.

    Note though the fan gets set up as a light switch, at least it was at that time, maybe that has been updated since. Still works well just name them as fans. I had 4 fans configured and could turn on/off individually or together. For example "Turn on Master fan" or "Turn off all fans".

    Also because they were configured as light switches I could only turn on or off. Couldn't control fan speed. My "Turn on" command was programmed with the low speed as that's all I used 95% off the time.


    Choose the one that fits your needs/budget. All of these have Gird connect branded Tuya modules so you will have no problems getting it to work with Google Home.

    For a much wider range try this: