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Chalkboard Central Otago Pinot Noir 2017 $5/Bottle in-Store @ First Choice Liquor


This wine is NOT listed on the FCL website, so the link above doesn't show it (I had to include a link).

Just been to the FC store in Browns Plains (Brisbane) to buy some Pensilva Estate Shiraz 2017 (also a great deal at $9.50/bottle in any 6) and saw a shelf full of the Chalkboard Central Otago Pinot Noir 2017 marked at $5 each. This is a pretty reasonable Centra Otago PN and at $5 / bottle it is a steal.

Check you local First Choice for stock - you may get lucky.

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  • Is it last time that liquorland bargain one?
    To be honest, not too good, quite acidic.

    • Yes, I got some at Liquorland & FCL the last time - stocks were very limited then.

      I put it through an aerator into a decanter for a couple of hours before drinking and it was quite reasonable. I think it will probably improve with another year or two.

      Never going to be a Mt Difficulty, but it is not too bad for an easy drinking lighter red, and for $5 I think it is pretty good.

    • Agree, I really struggled to drink one of these Chalkboard's that I picked up a few weeks ago through OzB. It might have a lot to do with the lighter red of the Pinot when I enjoy a Shiraz or Cab so much. I mightn't try another Pinot unless it's closer to the top shelf and I might be a better chance of appreciating one.

  • why is their website so crap, it doesn't list half their products, they do doubt lose out on sales

    • Don't know. This seems to be a "bargain bin" offer. It was on their website the last time (a few weeks ago) until they stocked out and then it disappeared from both LL and FCL websites. It was just by chance I saw it in store today.

  • It was taken down from their website after it was incorrectly priced a few weeks ago at $5.
    Its well worth it!

    • No, it's a discontinued line being cleared at $5. Demand was high, stocks were low - so it was taken off site.
      Stores were then restocked
      Checked with Liquorland staff at the time.

      After some adverse reviews, decided not to pick up the case I ordered. Probably still waiting at my FCL.

  • You can still purchase online if you follow the instructions listed here

    But if you're not tech savy its probably too much effort for a $5 bottle of wine.

    • A staff member said that these are in-store only as it's just leftover clearance stock. The online orders that go through the hidden link will just be cancelled anyway

      You're probably best to just head in-store and check to save the hassle tbh. My local had been cleared out :(

      • Hello my love bird,

        It probably depends on whether your selected store has stock or not. I placed an order via this method and it worked for me.

        Not really a hassle, if anything less of a hassle (as you don't have to go looking in-store)

  • They’ve been $5 at my local first choice for the last few weeks too, also curious kiwi and Robinsons Pinot noir at $5 too.

  • Certainly worth a try at $5 a bottle. It's makes for a very approachable weekday wine especially given that its a Central Otago Pinot. I bought 12 bottles a couple of weeks ago, and will quite happily be adding to that if I can. I think its a very good deal.