Recommendations on New Android Phone

Hey team,
I'm in the market for a new phone. I had a OnePlus 6 which was great until I dropped it and broke it. I used an iphone 6 for the past year which has been fine but am now in a position to get a new phone in the lead up to the new FY.

I was just going to get the new Samsung S21 because it appears to be the top of the line Android (read: its all over JB's website), but am open to comparable alternatives.
I opted for the oneplus because it wasn't a mainstream phone and the cost was relatively cheaper than the Samsung's and iPhones at the time with decent specs.
The main things I am drawn to is photo quality, battery life and general experience (quick switching to apps).

Would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with other phones.

EDIT: Budget ~$1300. Not at all committed to Samsungs or the most recently released phone.



  • Heya,

    I just got the Oneplus Nord and really liking it. I was considering Samsung as well but just couldn't handle their godawful OS.

    My wife has the Oneplus 8 as well but not really a big fan of the curved screen.

    Recommend you check out the Nord. I had a Oneplus 5 before this. Really feels like the balance of value and specs that made Oneplus great.

    I went with the 12/256 version from Aliexpress for 670 shipped with included case. Also remember 5% cashback from cashrewards

    I see they have the 8/128 version back in stock

    Great value.


    • Wow fantastic! Thanks. Yeah I am very much a fan of oneplus and how they marketed themselves. I will defs look into them again!

  • How important to you is the 3.5mm headphone port?

    For me (but I accept not for everyone), it's very important. As a result, I purchase Moto Gx phones which are excellent value mid-range phones.

    You noted camera - the moto cameras are good but not great like Pixel or iPhone.

    • Thanks for sharing. Yes, 3.5 was really important but now switched to accepting wireless earphones!

  • I like OnePlus. Good quality and hardly any bloatware.

  • Another for OnePlus Nord. I have OnePlus 6 and 7 Pros though so Im a bit biased :)

    • It seems to have a decent following and for the price I think I’m leaning towards going back to the oneplus. Thanks for sharing.

  • The main things I am drawn to is photo quality, battery life and general experience (quick switching to apps).

    I've been looking at upgrades from my Mate 20 Pro, which I like for the same reasons (and waterproof). Recently I've tried and given up the Samsung S20 FE and Pixel 5.
    Both are very good in these areas. If I wanted a bigger phone I'd have another look at the S20, but I miss the Pixel more.

    In the end I didn't keep them because the m2p still holds up too well for me to justify spending $1000, and it's got dual sim

  • Pixel 4a 5g could be a goer. Not sure what it's priced at but I know it's way below a new Samsung s21. You do lose a couple of features compared to the pixel 5 but from reviews it's the better phone to get.

    That said, I'd probably get the s21. People have complained about the OS, but I've had an s9+ for almost 3 years and haven't had any issues except when I hit the bixby button haha.

  • can someone please advise how is oneplus warranty fulfilled in australia?