Dewalt Redemption Helped to Switch to Milwaukee and Makita

DeWalt's redemption system sucks!

I purchased a table saw from Total Tools (great shop) and I meant to receive redemption circular saw in late Jan, early Feb as per redemption confirmation email, but it never came. Called DW and was advised that it's out of stock until late March - that is if I'm lucky. DeWalt tools are fine, but not better than their major competitors, so how do you decide wich one to go with? With this redemption scram, it's easy now. I decided to build cordless platform with Milwaukee and Makita. Oh look at Milwaukee's cordless stubby power wrench (12V) and cordless rivet tool; amazing both and also beat DW on price & performance big time.

Anybody has had similar experience with DW? What about alternatives to DeWalt?

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  • If you're committing to a system i'd rather pick quality over cheap tricks to lure you into the rest of the brand. That being said I use Bosch Blue, good tools not the cheapest though and not as big of a range as the others which is my one gripe about them. Once all my batteries pack it in (though some have been going for almost 8-10 years now) I'm considering going Milwaukee.

    • I like Bosch Blue but also have some Makita stuff and it is fine. Just not as nice to use as the Bosch.

      • I have a green (Made in Hungary) Bosch cordless drill (14V) It is now kicking 20th+ Takes longer to charge but still good as a paint or a mud mixer or a drill in mild steel/wood.

        • Just be careful mixing paint with an old cordless drill, mainly if its not a brushless drill and its solvent based paint.

    • Quality system means: both the product and the service are quality. When I was advised by DeWalt I'll get the circular saw within 7 to 14 days, I gave away my Hitachi saw to a friend. I ended up not having a small circ.saw and had to use a bulkier one. Even if there's a delay or any other hiccup, a quality service means advising customers of such. I do that to my customers. Likewise, tradies who don't keep their word, I do not consider professional and do not look any further.

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    Cool story attempted advertisement, bro.

  • The one and only Dewalt redemption I've made I was absolutely over the moon with. Sold my generic unbranded plunge router and GMC 10" circular saw on Gumtree both for good prices. Added $20 to what I got for both of those and bought a Dewalt combo plunge/trim router for what I'm sure was a price error and got a 7" (much more useful size for me) circular saw via redemption. Ended up with two vastly superior tools for basically $20.

    Seems like an odd reason to boycott a brand though but whatever. I don't have any brand loyalty, just buy the best tool for the job. As a result I've got Ryobi, Bosch Blue and green, Dewalt, Milwaukee and Festool. I've had Panasonic in the past which were absolutely awesome but very limited range so moved away from them as they (mostly batteries) wore out. Also had Makita and must've got all duds as I was never happy with any of them nor did they last all that long yet other people worship them. I will say I won't buy any more Bosch Blue. Very happy with the impact wrench (I would've dumped the lot on Gumtree if it weren't for that wrench) but others are average at best.

    • I'm not boycotting, nor call for boycott. It's all for each to decide. I share an experience, I did not call for any actions. This incident with DeWalt and their customer service, as I've said - made me to look at other tools, which I found to do better than DeWalt. UR happy with DW and think it is the best there is; that's perfectly fine.

  • SydneyFromSydney (Sydney Tools?)

    • No affiliation with Sydney Tools at all. I buy almost all my tools from Total Tools. Even gone as far as asked TT to source a mag based drill (Euroboor) which one of their competitors carried. And sure enough within a few days TT got me the mag based drill. I get no discount or pref deals beyond what everybody else gets :(

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    Iv tried Milwaukee and Makita, straight up trash. plus salespeople from both brands tried to snatch my kids!
    terrible products and service! DeWalt all the way!!!

    • Interesting fact, the name “Makita” actually comes from a person speaking broken English saying “he a snatcheda ma kidda”.

    • Calling Milwkee and Makta trash suggest you've never used any of these. U love DW that's fine but trashing competitors… I doubt any pro will be swayed from Mak and Millw to DW.

  • I've had delays with my redemption (angle grinder and jumpers) but mostly everything else has been fine.

    I buy tools for their quality and performance not how quick a redemption item comes through, and because of that, most of my tools are DeWalt and I love them.
    Milwaukee is a great brand too and you won't go wrong with them. Makita can be iffy sometimes, depending on the tool.

    • I have so far only 2 cordless MillWs. and only for short time but very happy with performance, except the battery change mechanism sucks. Makita; have few and the latest I bought is a small (single battery) chain saw. Looking to get a plunge saw with rails and dust extractor from Total Tools. I used Maks other tools on the jobs of workmates and so far all worked fine.

      • Mitre saws are one of the tools that are iffy with Makita. If you don’t like DeWalt, then Bosch Blue saws are great and I’d buy that over a Makita

        • Thanks for the Bosch tip. I have one from Bosch and it's been perfect for the last 14 years. The blade protector is a bit squicky but that's not an issue.

  • I could have sworn I heard a sock being removed and stealthily being placed over a hand?

  • Thank you for contacting DeWalt customer support.

    Your enquiry is important to us.

    Please continue to hold for a service representative to assist you.

    • LOL indeed. The way I managed to get through eventually is by pressing the option of sales enquiry; then you'll get someone; otherwise… well the usual story.

  • I'll be honest, I've never ever ever heard of any cash return redemption that wasn't absolute tripe. Most i hear require many chase ups, and for it to come through after months later. At this point I hardly even factor it into the price unless I trust the company.

    • Sure. I did not by the table saw because of the redemption. I wish they gave me discount instead. I have had a small and trusty Hitachi circ saw, but gave it away to a buddy thinking I'll get a new from DW. The beef I have is that DW did not advise of the delay; hence left me without a circ.saw so I had to buy another one. And it was not DW.

  • when i looked a makita and milwaukee in 2017, milwaukee had longer warranty on skins and batteries, made my decision on that alone.

  • I changed all tools from Metabo and Makita to DeWalt two years ago and at the time had sufficient points to redeem cordless grinder, saw, light and reciprocating saw. One redemption was unavailable and I was contacted by DeWalt and offered a more expensive cordless alternative which was fine. When one of their 6.0Ah batteries wouldn't hold a charge I took it to Sydney Tools and they contacted DeWalt and arranged a replacement. I especially like how their cordless batteries are back compatible with 18v or the newer flexivolt 54v range.
    This is one area that Makita has clearly failed as their new range of 40v batteries cannot be used in the LXT 18v range. Hence I won't bother replacing any of my extensive 18v Makita cordless tools and will probably give them to my son and daughter. A pity as my Makita products have been superb with some now over 20 years old and still working smoothly.
    If you are considering Makita cordless just be aware of the change in battery compatibility and only purchase products in the 40v range.

    • Thanks for the tip. I'm not fan of big bats; they are just too heavy. Anything 10.5 -18 -36V would struggle with I use corded tools. I compared a MillWee 12V wrench vs 18V and weight difference was noticeable, yet performance was negligible. The whole idea of cordless for me is portability and lightweight. Also I use a single 18V Mak chainsaw for small cuts (amazingly light and powerful for its size), for larger I use EGO 18" cordless and if that's not enough, I go back to my old but trusted petrol Husky.

  • If I had all my tools stolen and had to start again I would definitely go with something with higher voltage like flexvolt. When you're ripping down a sleeper or redgum post a 18V Circular saw just doesnt cut it. I currently have makitas so any tool that needs raw power I tend to go for the 36v makitas which use the double batteries.

    • For heavy duty applications, I use corded power tools, otherwise I love the lightweight cordless. This also means I look for weight to power ratio. I found more powerful bats pack in more weight disproportional to their power output.

  • First time I used the hammer drill on my dewlap… it packed it in.
    Took to shop… they were amazed how new the drill looked…. I said bc it is NEW

  • If you're looking to decide between brands, I've had great success following recommendations from Project Farm on youtube, although he is US-focused.

  • Yeah a great site indeed. I've been following the channel for some time. Love the presenter is knowledgeable and does not blubber aimlessly as so many others do. That's where Milwaukee caught my attention as well as well as JB Weld.

  • The tipping point for me choosing dewalt, is bunnings. Their price match and returns is second to none ;)