Mobile Phone Plans - Optus Service in Mid North Coast

After nearly 35 years with #Telstra

I bid farewell to the old lady. Moved to a country town for work for a project. No NBN internet there except satellite and that is awful. Called Telstra for solution; none was offered. Called #Optus and lo and behold they sent me a mobile modem with speed matching or exceeding Telstra's cable speed. Then I decided to switch one of my mobile phones from Telstra to Southernphones (which btw is an Optus reseller). It was a bad move. Sure they are cheap and the level of service matched the price. So I canned Southernphones and went directly to Optus. Their responsiveness is outstanding - so far. If their mobile phone service is as good as their mobile Internet, I'll be delighted (+ 100GB data with the phone) and will switch over my other mobile phones to Optus. If not, I'll stay with the ol lady Telstra.

Anybody had experience with Optus service in Mid North Coast or other regional areas?

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  • So, you bailed on Telstra without checking the connection quality of Optus in a country town…?

    Given my experience with Telstra vs Optus in regional WA, good luck with that decision!

    • I did check the coverage. Since I'm in NSW Mid North Coast, both Optus and Telstra offer good coverage. So the coverage was not an issue for me. Saying this however; I can now report that 3 days since I installed Optus SIM, I'm not impressed with Optus mobile phone service. Mobile Internet is splendid, but mobile phone sucks. Optus still has not enabled my voice mail service. Spent hours trying to get tech support, bad experience. I'm glad I did not ported over other mobile phones. Feels like a bitter pill and seriously considering moving back to Telstra.

  • Optus in regional vic during lockdown far exceeded Telstra (grampians). Wasn’t much Telstra bandwidth from nearby tower, Optus had two towers in range with 8x bandwidth.

    Only wireless nbn available but was getting 100mb/s on Optus 4g

  • Who ever you you spoke to with Telstra sales most likely didn’t understand your requirements or more likely thought you are after a fixed internet connection.

    Comes down to Mobile Speed vs Mobile Coverage.

    Remember Mobile coverage with networks is based on the population and not location.

    Mobile Data Speed is based on infrastructure and the provider is willing to spend $$$ on providing it to the population and then also how many people are using the network in the area.

    Short story More Telstra Users on the same tower = slower the speeds unless they are using Telstra 5G.

    You may find you will have coverage in a regional town with Optus, however leave that town for another location and you get no service. Ahh the old days of me driving to Canberra from Sydney, where for 30 mins no one could call me.

    • I didn't simply asked for a connection. I wanted to continue loving Telstra, hence I put in much effort to make sure I can get Internet connection with Telstra. I've spoken to several Telstra people. Even went to Telstra shop in Port Macquarie, bought Telstra mobile device, which was bitterly slow and despite their claim that the device can hot spot with up to 10 devices it worked only intermittently with one mobile phone and would not connect with laptop. Took the device back to Telstra, they changed the SIM and that made things even worst. So I spent ample of time explaining what I needed is a solution for a fast Internet with ample of data. Telstra offered an ADSL or satellite. Optus got the message immediately and within same week I had its wireless and portable modem/router which works fantastic. Alas Optus' mobile phone service does suck big time.

  • Everyone I know in the Mid North coast, in fact anyone who lives outside a metro area says it’s Telstra or nothing.

    • In NSW maybe. Much of Regional vic has great Optus, Telstra and even Vodafone!

    • Optus recently put up a mobile tower near Herons Creek. Internet is great. Mobile phone is great too, but the service sucks. I'm considering taking my mobile phone back to Telstra. I went with Optus mobile phone because I thought that service will be as good as the Internet. Not so :(

  • Coles Mobile ( if available in your area ) is the best and cheapest.

  • Where is mid north coast? Northern Territory?