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Van Heusen Selected Suit Jackets from $49, Selected Suit Pants from $29 - Free Shipping over $100 - $20 off First Purchase


I see some deals up to 80+ % off.
I have their shirts and a suit and they fit nicely and look sharp

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Van Heusen
Van Heusen

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  • Van Heusen/Pierre Cardin is the bottom of the barrel 'designer' clothing. Very poor quality garments produced by third parties with their logo slapped on it for a fee. Not recommended.

    • Thanks!
      I much prefer their shirts to YD and tarocash though.. :(
      I'm a graduate so this is all new to me

      • Basic tips:
        CT shirts or TM Lewin for shirts, wait for a 3 for $100 sale. Great shirts, I love the no iron (still needs a little)
        Always buy two pairs of pants if you can, you’ll wear through the pants long before the jacket.
        Suits are the one thing I don’t buy online, because it’s good to know how much tailoring it will need.
        Every now and again go into MJ Bale, Daniel Hetcher or the like and try things on from the discount rack. If it fits well (ie minimal adjustment needed like sleeve length) and looks good then buy it. If not, hold out. Most of my suits are Italian made that cost me $200-300 marked down from $800. Suits are really overpriced.
        For a really good suit, buy from somewhere like indochino (dunno if they’re the best any more, they were a decade ago). Measure yourself up, pick your fabric and they’ll make it. Best fitting suit you’ll get outside of taking a trip to Vietnam.

        • As a graduate, get what you can afford, but I agree with freefall101. CT or TM lewin, work out the best fit for you and grab iron free (and there are ones not marketed as iron free I find work fine without ironing). If you can find somewhere to measure you up, you can get made-to-measure from a lot of places at decent prices and that's a great option if standard fits aren't right for you. You need 1 shirt for each day of the week you're in the office - plus a nicer shirt for special occasions - as a minimum. Avoid artificial materials and make sure they fit properly - otherwise the office shirt can be a horrible way to spend 8 hours a day, five days a week for most of your life :)

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        Just hop into Myer and ask an assistant to measure you up. After you get your measurements, go and pretend to browse shirts around the store, when the assistant is not looking, just walk out. Now use those measurements and buy shirts from CT or TM.

        CT shirts are quite big in size, a slim fit is like a normal size and normal size is a large size.

        Once you know your shirt size for CT, ordering shirts from there is a breeze. I've been ordering CT shirts for over 8 years now and have had a few people ask me where I get my shirts from.

    • Probably not for a top job, but for regular wear to the office I find them ok.

    • What brand do you recommend for suits then? I find going to a proper tailor store who sells suits is the best as the tailor will properly fit you.

      • Personally Studio Italia are great for me, I go to a tailor and have off the rack fitted to me. Best value/fit. Would prefer made to measure but the only place I knew were good have shut down

    • I have had a pure wool Pierre Cardin suit that came with 2 pants for < $200 since 2012. Worn frequently, going strong. Also have another pure wool Van Heusen suit, no issues with it. Both have a good fit and feel great.

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    not a good look for the brand when their suit jackets fit so badly on the models.