Self Storage for Six Months - Couch and Mattress

Hi all,

Does anyone has any recommendation of self storage service for six months - just for a couch and a mattress?

Location: Melbourne, Victoria

Edit: '6 months' because I'm moving out since my housemate is still stuck overseas, I'm moving into a friend's house temporarily - might end up being more than 6 months :(. The cheapest option that I could find is JustBoxIt if anyone is looking for something similar.



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    Cheaper to sell it now then buy another when you want it back.

  • Yes, use your vehicle or relative

    • This find mate with a shed and put it there. Most commercial places are over $70 a month plus setups and cleaning fees. Not worth it for 2 low value items.

  • Sell it on Gumtree / FBM.
    In 6 months time revisit Gumtree / FBM and purchase similar items.

  • Self Storage for Six Months - Couch and Mattress

    What is the cost of these goods new and used worth?

    What is the likelihood its only for '6 months' and not more?

    Will the storage fees for 6-12 months end up being MORE than the cost of goods or the goods are worth today?

    As others have said, sell the goods, put aside that money + storage fee costs you would have spent and buy NEW goods when you need them or buy 2nd hand goods and pocket the saving.

    • The couch is down-stuffed so $1000+, it would struggle to sell for $100, I got it second hand 3 years ago, unfortunately I'm emotionally attached to it lol. When I got it from the previous owner, I could tell she was very sad to let it go.

      The mattress is a really good posture sleep hard mattress, which would have been quite expensive. I've been struggling to sell mattress online so probably would need to give it away for free.

  • Having just been shopping for storage units on the weekend around Dandenong for a large storage unit - and possibly a smaller second one - unless your lounge is made of diamonds you are far better off to sell it and buy again later.

    You can book for 1 month 3 mths 6mths 12 mths what ever suits.

  • A small Smartbox or Taxibox is about $100 per month I think.

  • I’d stick it on gumtree for a package deal. $150 for both or something. Uni is starting in person , country/interstate students are coming to Melbourne, someone will take it. I guess you could put it in storage for 6 months but that seems like a waste of money to me.

  • Will they fit in your room at your mates (eg mattress can stand up against yr new bed and the wall)?