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SoundPEATS TrueAir (Black) $32.39, TrueWings $44.79, TrueCapsule2 $43.99 + Post ($0 Prime/ $39 Spend) @ AMR Direct via Amazon AU


SoundPEATS Trueair TWS Earbuds (Black) 30 Hours Playtime Was $49.99 Now $32.39 Code: UQI9ESOR
Incredible Audio Performance Latest QCC3020 chipset and aptX codec
30 Hours Working Time Battery life of up to 30 hours or Plug them in when the battery is low
Upgraded Touch Control Simply tap the touch button, you are able to control and use multiple functions of the earbuds

SoundPEATS Trueair TWS Earbuds (White)

SoundPEATS Truewings True Wireless Earbuds Was $55.99 Now $44.79
ENGINEERED FOR SPORTS Adjustable and secure-fit ear hooks and ergonomic in-ear design exclude the trouble of falling out.
ENHANCED POWERFUL SOUND Built-in 13.6mm bio-compound diaphragm driver with high accuracy and sensitivity streams finely tuned mellow and thick bass along with delicate and smooth high mids to bring you more realistic sound.
22 HOURS PLAYTIME Equipped with USB-C charge to offer stability and safety. The earbuds work 4 hours per charge. Charging case provides another 4.5 times full charge, 18 hours in total

SoundPEATS Truecapsule2 True Wireless Earbuds Was $54.99 Now $43.99
Decent HD Sound Quality Bluetooth 5.0 technology and Qualcomm 3020 chipset, Qualcomm aptX codec and 6mm bio-diaphragm driver
4 Mics with Noise Reduction Each earbud has two microphones, equipped with cVc 8.0 noise reduction technology, the background noise can be blocked out effectively, and you can easily achieve crystal-clear phone calls without interference even in a noisy environment.
40 Hours Playtime Equipped with USB-C charge to offer stability and safety. The earbuds work 8 hours per charge.

Sound PEATS provides 12 months hassle-free warranty to ensure the enjoyment of your purchase, you can contact us via SoundPEATS After Customer Service

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  • Trueair with code is $43 for me. Ah, I see it’s 32.39 through cashrewards. It has a good review at https://www.scarbir.com/tws/soundpeats-trueair-review

  • Is there a guide for all these different soundpeats?
    I just want a good set for working out.

    I have had a gutful of wf1000xm3 which keep falling out even with the after market tips.

  • Actually the latest Qualcomm chipset is the 3040 and 3046.

  • I like the sound of the ones I have had, but the charging system they have is really bad (truewings). The most fiddly charging connections I have experienced, that after a while just fail. On a positive, their customer service is excellent and will replace/refund with not much issue. I’ve upgraded to a better/expensive brand now, but worth the try for those wanting to try.

  • Sadly, I wouldn't recommend the Truewings headphones. I bought a pair just over a year ago and was 'blown away' by the quality of the sound for the price I paid. After less than 6 months the right ear piece stopped working intermittently and eventually stopped. I tried contacting AMR via Amazon and they made it difficult to claim the warranty so I gave up as it wasn't worth the hoops they make you jump. There's also a serious floor in the design of the charging case. The ear rings touch when they sit in the charging case and it's difficult to keep them in position to charge. If you read the reviews on Amazon, I'm not the only one who has experienced these things. The Truewings showed so much promise at the beginning but as the saying goes 'You get what you pay for' with the Soundpeats Truewings. I recommend putting your money towards another brand.

    • Try Amazon CS instead of AMR. They’ll refund and give you prepaid postage to send it back.

    • I've had the exact same experience but only after a month… got it swapped and the exact same thing os happening ot my new pair only a 2 weeks in. Ill have to swap them again soon.

  • is "SoundPEATS Truecapsule2 True Wireless Earbuds" any good for work and conference call meeting (eg MS Teams or Skype meeting)?

  • Any deals in the watch?

  • Ive had the truewing for 6 months, initially loved it and had no issues and thought it was a bargain. I loved it so much I bought a pair for my girlfriend. Out of the blue one side just stopped charging. Im not sure how i feel about them now

  • I’m new to cashrewards and puzzled by it. This item is 43.99 if I just go to Amazon and apply code. I got it at the lower price mentioned using cashrewards. But I thought cashrewards made Amazon cheaper by giving you cash back later? And also says electronics like earphones are excluded from cashrewards. I must be missing something :)

  • Trueair 2 is the real g. Wait for sale on it.

  • are these better???


    Wireless Earbuds, SOUNDPEATS Q Bluetooth 5.0 Noise-Cancelling Headphones, in-Ear Wireless Charging Headphones with Dual Mic 10mm Driver Touch Control 21Hs Playtime USB-C Charge Earphones