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[PC] DRM-free - Sid Meier's Civilization III Complete - $2.09 (was $8.09) - GOG


Great price for this old but still a fun reiteration of Sid Meier's Civilization game. This is the complete version which means it comes with both expansions.
Perfect to try out if you like this type of game.

From the website:

Sid Meier’s Civilization III Complete provides strategy fans with the classic Civilization III plus both expansions: Play the World and Conquests! for one great price.


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  • It was a great game in its day, IV was revolutionary when it came out though. Wouldn’t be surprised if it could be had nearly as cheap.
    Given the amount of time it takes to even finish one game of any CIV.. I’d recommend investing in V or VI, on a hour/$-spent basis, it’s worth the investment

  • Civ 3 had the Facism and Anarchy governments. Do later Civs have these ?

  • Both 3 and IV in their own way are the best Civs. Everything after just simplified rubbish. More features in older games.