Price Increases When Activating Cashrewards or ShopBack

Is this this legal? certainly not ethical?

hotel 1 night is $137, activate either CW or SB and price jumps to $145. logout of either and its back to $137

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  • fake news

  • Legal? Ethical? It’s a business - buy elsewhere.

  • So how you think the website pays cash rewards?
    So now you realise how doggy is the cash back business.
    Not tracked, or tracked but you actually paying more. Your choice. They win.

  • Go down a rabbit hole with this one.
    Call accommodation directly and quote price and they will beat it by 10%
    (Hotels not allowed to offer lower online price)

  • And you will realise that your cashback is on $137 ( or less) even if you pay $145. This is why i don t use any of these cashback website as "you don t really save" but you will more out of pocket.

    • I was using it for years and hundreds of bookings over 9 years, and never saw this before, even when they were doing $15 cash back for a single booking.

      But yes, it might be hotel specific. Going direct to the hotel website, their price is almost 50% more.

      Calling them may yeild a better price, i could try.

  • This hasn't happened to me yet. Must be hotel specific.

    I have noticed though that prices on some hotels change depending on whether you use the desktop site, mobile site or app. Same thing with expedia and agoda. It's getting harder to find the best hotel deal these days.

  • Have never had this happen to me but have certainly heard plenty of other people have been hit with increased fees when using cash back.

    I always check prices and only use cashback when ready to book.
    Not yet encountered a price jump when getting cashback…,it maybe specific to certain hotels or sale prices.