Looking for torches specific for camping: Spotting animals, off to the toilets etc

Hi all, wondering if anyone has some suggestions for torches. Anywhere from $30_$50 mark.

Specifically for camping - looking for animals with the kids, going to the toilet or just wandering paths in the evening with the family

I have had a range of cheap torches over the years and never with a good strong beam that doesn't churn through batteries

Bunnings seems to sell quite a bit of junk and camping stores generally overcharge.

So any recommendations to some online 'luminescence' shops would be great


  • What makes a torch specific for camping for you? There are so many different types and mechanisms and light patterns and how they're powered/recharged etc…

    In fact, just pop into Bunnings and pick the one that suits you. They have plenty of choices. Not rocket science.

    • Ones that use replaceable batteries are better than rechargeable, because it is much easier to bring a spare battery than a charging setup.
      I’d also suggest a lantern style to throw wide, diffused light, rather than spot lights.
      We car camp in a big group, and have done so for 15 years so have accumulated lots of stuff. The best set up I have found is a 12v led light bulb powered by a jump starter pack. These are as bright as a bulb in your house, and will run for more than a week between charges. Get some led headlamps as well, for task lighting away from the main light.

      Such a setup costs a bit to get started, but is worth it.

      • Actually, his requirements are wide beam (camping, walking to the toilets etc) and spot beam. Animals are often at some distance in trees or scampering at the edge of camp sites. An adjustable torch / headlight sounds ideal if it is one torch.

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    It's not clear exactly what you're trying to illuminate, but a waterproof headlamp is always a nice thing to have when camping…

    Thrunite TH20: https://www.thrunite.com/th20/
    Sofirn SP40: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33014058575.html

  • +1 for a headlamp, I have this and it's pretty good, love that I can just recharge via USB..


  • Have a look at Sofirn

    USB C rechargable with replacable 18650 batteries if you need spare. Sofirn SC31 Pro fits your budget but also have a look at SP36 which is a very popular model but a bit more expensive.

  • picked up the aldi 1w headlamp with variable beam for $4.99 a few years ago.

    Keeps hands free (cooking, toilet, carrying things), beam is remarkable as a throw and illuminates widely enough at close range to be useful. Has high, low and emergency flash. Bugbears are really only cycling through setting no memory, but for the money can't go wrong.

    Plus a lantern from aldi again this was $19.99 and is usb rechargeable, has the bug killer on the bottom(works) and a nice but cool white diffusion which gives light enough to read by across a 3-4m circle, enough for a tent.

    But you can spend crazy money and get really nice petzl/princeton tec torches too!

  • Aldi when they have a sale.

  • LED Lenser! - Huge light output and can take AA's

    You can adjust the lens for wide beam or spot - Just fantastic!

  • Nitecore are also good, they have some nice small key chain models, and bigger stuff.

  • If you're going in colder weather, they sell beanies with built-in lights on Amazon. Might be an alternative to the "strap" headlamps, although may not last as long as some of the more pricey ones.

    I bought this one for hubby for when he needs to go under the house or into the roof space:


    Keeps the bugs out of his hair, and is super bright. This one has a removable light that you plug straight into a USB port to charge, so is really handy. Has lasted a while so far!