Do People Actually Win Stuff from Retail Giveaways?

So I love Chobani yoghurts and they’ve had a promotion going on for months in which each yoghurt you buy has a code and you can enter the code on the website to win one of 25,000 pieces of activewear.

This got me thinking (in a pessimistic manner) does anyone actually win anything from these giveaways? I know legally they would have to have actual products with winning codes but who’s to stop them from not having 25,000 codes or from not having any winning products?

So my question to you is have you won anything of decent value (not just 500 flybuys points) from a retail giveaway like this? And also what’s your thoughts on the legitimacy of retail giveaways?

Also sorry if this is a stupid question but I’m just curious.


  • Got Woolworths and Coles gift cards from the Mutti pesto deal.

  • I only enter competitions where a purchase is necessary. I joined lottos website 14 months ago and in that time have won about $12000 worth of cash and prizes. That website has a lot more winners and information. I generally only use the purchase competitions section.

    If you want an easy win competition check out the snickers Woolworths comp. Not sure if posted here but $1.50 entry for $20 woolies gift card. 1 entry per day but can enter each day, not guaranteed to win every day but definitely should come out way ahead.

    Self checkout is your friend. I normally but a few at a time as and just put them through separately.

    • Whoa that's a decent return. I enter competitions as I come across them but doubt I've hit that much value in such a short time.

    • Do U think it's worth joining?
      The website is so not user friendly (cannot highlight any text)

      • I used it for a few months without joining, think it is only the links that don't work but you can just google the competition afterwards. I just bookmark the page and check it out . When you register you do get to see how many people have entered, which I find is good information regarding odds of winning . try the Snickers comp below and get some free money from that .

        Pm me if you want any further information or tips !

        Also setup a new Gmail account just for these comps. I don't get much spam from them and it is easy to see wining emails

      • Yeh website is terrible , esp on mobile!

  • here is the entry form for the comp I was talking about

  • I won a mega drive in the 90s

  • I won two weetbix cricket sets from one weetbix pack

  • i eat chobanis daily, i won one pair of shorts. Havent won any more shorts since. I think theyve actually run out now, I have a colleague who won 3!

  • Have entered the chobani one like 6 or 7 times, 0 wins :(

  • I find that I win free emails from the company running the giveaway

  • I won a heap of spam emails. Does that count?

  • I believe small prizes like 100$ gift cards and stuff people win (maybe even holidays overseas)

    but big things like Cars, Houses etc i reckon it is all rigged to go to someones cousin, sister, brother in law, wifes boyfriend, Politicians misses who you need to get some legislation though, union boss you're bribing etc end up 'just happen to be lucky'

    Im convinced things like the Melbourne Home Lottery, the RSL home lottery etc are rigged

    The only thing i think isnt is the actual lottery because i have met regular people who have won it

  • I haven't won from Chobani, tried about 4 times. It's a game of chance… need to revisit how probability works lol

    I have won a lot of things randomly in the past…

    • Mutti competition to win grocery gift cards (won over $100 worth - thanks to OzB as I wasn't aware of this promo!)

    • Gift cards from numerous shopping centres - various entry methods (spend to win, or get creative with a photo etc) - I've won over $900 via multiple competitions

    • Flights via a movie night and also another flight via a Facebook competition (I had my doubts but it was legit!)

    • Free flights to America thanks to Mr Burger

    • Free wine pack from Jacob's Creek

    • Free digital camera from MX (from back in the day, a free newspaper distributed on/near public transport)

    Still have yet to win a car or a house. 2 things I REALLY NEED LOL

    • Good luck mate they houses and big prizes are all rigged imo

      • They're all a game of chance. The more people that enter, the less chance to win it… but I still try!

        Though the maccas monopoly saga supports the rigging theory lol unsure about other stuff.

        I like entering charity raffles to try win stuff, have yet to win anything from them.

  • I won a pair of the Chobani shorts you are talking about, it took me around 25 or so pots (which were only purchased on special of course). The shorts look nice, but after about 3 washes the chobani logo is already falling off (but they are otherwise decent quality), so I wouldnt say you are missing out on much

  • I've picked up 3 Weet-Bix bats, a Weet-Bix beach cricket set, 2 x personalised lunch boxs from Hippo Blue and Sanitarium and 2 x jim beam 4 packs.

    edit. oh and also from the BWS summer promo, a 2 bottle neoprene wine cooler bag, and the Sarong.

  • Never. Just a ton of spam emails afterwards lol

    Entered heaps of giveaways too.

  • I used to work at a place that give away these prizes. If you get lucky and they stuff up the marketing, half or more of the entrants can win a prize. If you don't get lucky, you'll end up in one of those things where they have lots of competitions, surveys, etc. and everyone from all those different things get put into one prize draw for the same prize(s).
    In NSW, they should all be registered with fair trading and have a permit number. They have to have a winner announcement date, when and where you can go to check who's won.

  • I won a Wild Turkey Competition last year. Trip for me and 3 mates to the US and tickets to Bourbon and Beyond - only entered twice
    About 2 years before that I won a decanter and glasses off them too - entered 3 times