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½ Monster Energy Drink 500ml X4 Pack $6.10 ($6.25 in NSW) @ Woolworths


Spotted this in the up coming Woolies catalogue. Good price, I'd say Amazon will price match so probably hang out for the S&S if you're chasing a carton.

Edit - $33.75/ctn with S&S at Amazon, free delivery with Prime.

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    sad they don't sell the juice and pipeline varieties in 4 packs any more but there's a new Ultra Rosa sugarfree flavour now.

  • So gutted they got rid of the absolutely zero cans (could only find them in servos). They were probably the closest ones tasting to the original thing.

  • 14 teaspoons of sugar per can (155% of recommended daily intake).

    Any deals on diabetes meds?

    • I only have the Ultra Zero which is a whopping 0g but I guess you'll be on the "artificial sweeteners cause cancer" bandwagon?

      If you don't drink them, would it not have been easier to just scroll past?

      • Anyone who thinks 'teaspoons of sugar' is a meaningful measure can pretty safely be ignored.

        • Its a standard unit of measurement.

          4g of sugar is 1 teaspoon.

          Do you just never cook at all?

          • @Telios: It's a rough unit of measure, and even if you want to run with that, why not tablespoons? Why not cups?

            Regardless, am I cooking cans of prepackaged energy drinks? Or is it an irrelevant measure only ever used because it sounds like a lot and '57g' doesn't generate clicks for the Sarah Wilsons/Pete Evans types?

          • @Telios: Scoop out 14 teaspoons on to the scales and you'll probably be out by 10%. What's wrong with using the accurate measurement of grams?

            You'll probably find a 500ml bottle of orange juice has just as many grams of sugar as some of these flavours but people don't jump up and down as much about that. Essentially sugars are just like any other carb, however most sources will say to limit them to no more than 10% of carb intake (WHO used to say this but I think they lowered it to 5%?). So the RDI can vary substantially depending on body mass, activity level, metabolism etc.

            • @whitelie: Are you guys muppets or something?

              The teaspoon measurement exists as a comparison to people putting in teaspoons of sugar into their tea or coffee.

              Why is that difficult to understand?

              Most people put 1-3 teaspoons of sugar in their coffee or tea.
              Knowing a soft drink has 10-15 teaspoons is a perfectly reasonable comparison.

  • Amazon have adjusted pricing on Ultra Zero slabs to compete now.

  • Good value for cramming?