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QANTAS Mystery Weekends: Ex BNE 27/3, SYD 18/4, MEL 1/5 - $737 in Economy, $1579 in Business, Earns Points & Status @ Qantas.com


Ah Qantas. Flight to nowhere? Check. Flight to somewhere? Check. Flight to who knows where? That’s next.

The all-inclusive fares, which include meals and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage plus activities on the ground, are $737 for Economy (with a Qantas Points earn of 2,400 points plus 40 Status Credits) and $1,579 for Business (5000 Qantas Points earn plus 80 Status Credits).

  • The Qantas Mystery Flight from Brisbane runs on Saturday March 27 and the airline promises it'll be the perfect getaway if you love country hospitality, gourmet food and wine, and the great outdoors.
  • The Qantas Mystery Flight from Sydney is on Sunday April 18 and passengers can expect to wind down in a tropical setting with long lunching on the beach.
  • The Qantas Mystery Flight from Melbourne takes place on Saturday May 1 and involves the great outdoors (including a little walking), gourmet food and wine and regional farmers markets.

Tickets for all three Qantas Mystery Flights go on sale on Qantas.com at 12 noon (AEDT) Thursday 4 March.

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  • True Qantas experience would include some flights to nowhere due to last minute cancellations

  • Expensive day trip

  • Hard to judge if $700+ for a day trip is a good deal or not, since no details is given about the destination or activities.

  • Anyone who has sold property this can definitely afford this and take their whole extended family along.

  • this is more of an ad than a bargain

  • Just bring back stock standard mystery flights, no extras, just a flight for the day in another location, or do an overnight somewhere was an option from what I recall, but never did that one

    • I was actually talking about this same thing a few weeks ago. Was too young to take them back then.

      • I'm in SA, and went to PER on most mystery flights. Flying Ansett too.
        Was a great adventure back then

        • Yeah I remember watching it on the news as a kid. Most of the flights were to Melbourne but occasionally you would get Adelaide and Brisbane.

  • At that price, the only mystery is why anyone would take the chance.

  • Qantas? LOL

  • Only good if people need to maintain their status credits.

  • +2 votes

    How is this a bargain? You got nothing to compare it too. OzAdvertisement.
    Might as well start posting those Mysterybox deals from stores.

  • Sorry, no deal 🙅🏻‍♂️

  • Many years ago I did a mystery flight with Virgin - it included 1 night of 3+ star accommodation and return flights, increased to 2 nights if travelling with someone else. It was great, though I got it for free during a promotion - wonder how much it was worth as Qantas are charging so much just for a day out? Would rather do a road trip within my state, instead of spending almost $800 on a day out with Qantas…

  • Looks like Melbourne is Launceston. Would rather pay stuff all on Jetstar and organise my own day 🧐

  • That's crazy I could get a flight + 3 nights accommodation at reasonable 4 star hotel for that price…

    • Yes….but then you wouldn't be paying an extraordinary price for a mystery.

      • Jeeze, sling me $50 and I'll book you a flight and some accommodation. Keep it a surprise for your right up until the airport?

  • I'll just wait for REX's $736 mystery flights later today.

  • Melbourne will be to Avalon most likely, knowing Qantarse…
    Included activities on the ground: Konga line to check in and back to the plane ;)

  • Sorry, I am negging this because it is more of an advertisement than a deal.

  • I think with the pend-up demand they will sell these planes out multiple times . Rip off price or not :)

  • Yeah I'm not seeing this as a great deal as it appears to only be a day trip. Take for example the Melbourne trip, assuming it's Launceston, a return flight on that day is $212 flying Qantas.

    This means that the day component costs around $500, which unless you are wined and dinned on things like their first class Taittinger Comtes De Champagne, this is not such a great deal. You'd need at least another day with overnight accommodation to make this anything special.

    Edit: Plus with the price of 737, I'm assuming you'll be travelling in a 737 which is not such a great plane as the seats are narrow and the new toilets are tiny. Nothing to crow about.

  • What a rip off. This is not a deal.

    Would love to see how they valued the surprise element

  • Ansett used to do, day mystery flights, as well as overnight ones. I did one from Sydney to Hamilton Island. You called the night before to see where you were going. It was actually great. This one is a bit pricey for me….