Birkenhead Point Outlet - Big Brand Sale

I have noticed Birkenhead Point outlets (NSW) have advertised a "big brand sale" that runs this weekend (5/3 - 7/3)
I have not been previously however, I am sure some fellow OzBargainers have, and I would like some feedback if it is worth it?
Normally I like to spend time/money @ Nike, CK, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren etc..

Any feedback on previous years equivalents?


  • The big brands make lower quality clothes specifically for the outlets.

    • I have a large amount of outlet purchased clothes, never had an issue.
      A lot of the time they're older season/style stock however I have never heard that they're lower quality or made only for the outlet.
      All their shoes are normally just an older version..

    • maybe so, but for the reduced price it's worth it as long as you check it first.

  • I like Birkenhead point, but going on a hot day is for n00bs. There's alot of walking around looking at all the outlets, and not much seating to take a break (even less now, thanks Covid).

  • That place is a nightmare on the weekend and I never find the deals to be that great. RL outlet used to have polos for about $30-$40 but haven't seen that in years, the quality and fit has changed for the worse anyway.

    • Not only their quality got worse but that stupid horse have grown heaps.

      • Never have and never will buy those big horse polos. But I hate the material now, it is much stiffer yet not as durable and nowhere near as comfortable, and the custom fit is not the same as it used to be. I have some RL polo's which are over ten years old and look and feel better than the newer type which are only a couple years old.