Subaru Imprezza MY 2012, Passenger Doors Are Not Getting Unlock Especially in Morning

I am facing this issue since last 6 months, and I have shown this to my local mechanic as well as to Subaru dealer and no one find the issues or problem with it.

After every cold morning when I want to unlock my Subaru car I can only unlock driver side and all 3 passenger side doors remains lock. The only option is to unlock from inside manually.

This issue only happens in early morning when weather is cold but after that during day i can unlock all 4 doors without any issue I believe whether weather is warm.

I would like to mentioned that I got my battery replaced in Dec last year as I was told by dealer that battery is 35% efficient and that may be causing not to open up, but this has not been solved.

Hence putting this request on forum and hope some one had this issue earlier and got it resolved.

I am based in NSW Bankstown area .


  • NSW Bankstown area.

    It's an extra layer of 🔐 .

  • Can you experiment with the engine running in the morning. Don't let it warm up though, mainly to test the battery power.

    • Normally i start my engine to warm up, the car crank up immediately without any issues and battery is perfect as its just a 3 months old.

      • So the window problems exist after engine start?

        Can only assume it's a lubrication problem then.

        • It's not a window, its door opening issue with remote key.

          • @Darayus: Gah, I did even read that!
            I blame morning brain.

            Same questions, and proposal, just different device.

            Could it just be that the actuators need extra lubrication? Once the car has warmed with the heat of the day, the existing lubrication is sufficient to allow the actuators to operate, but when cold, it's sticky enough that the actuators dontt have sufficient torque?

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        Do the locks work when the engine is running?

  • It will be the battery. Cold weather affects voltage.

  • Guessing it is the lock mechanism that is getting stuck in the cold/humidity. If this is the case, it'll be fixable by spraying silicone spray on the lock inside the door.

  • My guess is the grease in the lock mechanisms has hardened. When warmer the grease is softer and the electrics can move the locks.

    Having said that, I can’t imagine it’s been ‘cold’ in Bankstown for at least the last few months.

  • Is the car parked outside?

  • Could it be the door actuators are on their way out?

    Totally coincidental but I just had my 2 rear door actuators replaced yesterday for my 2012 Honda Accord.

    • I too feel so when i search online, if possible can you tell me how much it cost you and also did you got new one or 2nd hand and work done by dealer or private mechanic.

      • I had mine replaced at Honda during my service, I was charged $300 per actuator. {insert crying emoji here…lol}

      • Unlikely they would all fail at the same time but then again someone on ozbargain today said they agreed with jv.

  • Lubrication. I suppose there are knobs that stick up? Give them a serve with WD40 if you can get some down the crack. Won't last, because WD40 is not a proper lubricant. But at least it will confirm the trouble. You could try the 3 in 1 Dry lube next before you rip the door apart.

  • Check out this wiring diagram. Note that this is for LHD but RHD should be the similar.

    I don't know how they constructed the wiring harness, but is possible that the joint for the motor for all the other door are bundled and now loose. The cold morning maybe enough to cause the wire to contract enough to make it lose connection, and reconnect when the wire expands during the day.

    Similar issue occurred on the VW golf back in 2011. Some golf would go into limp mode when started in cold morning. The fix was to replace a wire harness because one of the pin in the connector would contract in the cold and loose connection.