Free Shipping on All Omega Treats (Pet Food Only) Products @ Huon Aquaculture


Hi all,

We've got free shipping on all Omega Treats pet treat products on the Huon store.

There are three products.

The Taster Pack which contains one pack of all three types of treats - $29.70
90g Crispy Salmon Skins | x3 Pack = $34.49 | x8 Pack = $82.80
80g Large Salmon Treats | x3 Pack = $36.00 | x8 Pack = $86.39
50g Small Salmon Treats | x3 Pack = $30.00 | x8 Pack = $72.00

All one ingredient: 100% Tasmanian Salmon. Salmon is known as a healthy protein for animals and humans alike, due to its abundance of healthy fats and Omega-3 and 6.

Omega-3 fatty acids support the immune system, may decrease inflammation, good for muscles and joints, and is known to keep the coats of cats and dogs shiny and healthy.

All three products are freeze-dried, alleviating the need for preservations and refrigeration, as well as dissolving the bones and scales. You can visit for more information. We've been selling these for a while now locally in Tasmania with positive feedback, at the moment online is the only way for us to distribute nationally. Will try and offer single pack orders in the future, just needs sorting out internally.

We dispatch treats via Australia Post (standard delivery) either same day or next day. You can just select closest delivery day in the date picker as it only applies to our fresh produce. Our normal orders are dispatched using a different method. If you order fresh/smoked salmon and pet treats, you will incur a fee for the shipping on the salmon and receive two different deliveries. Orders over $149 automatically receive free shipping anyway.

My cat goes nuts for the skins and the small salmon treats. During testing and promoting, I've not come across a dog that hasn't scoffed them.

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