Cheapest Way to Post Heavy Item (8kg) to Europe/Germany


Need to send over a car turbo back to germany, it's around 8kg, any cheaper ulternative to Auspost (~$120)?



  • Find a friend travelling to Germany and stick it in their checked in luggage.

  • See if there is anyone shipping headphones who may be able to split the box with you.

  • Don't suppose you happened to use Paypal when you bought it? As if faulty & is a return to seller you can get reimbursed for full postal costs.

    • Doesn't need to be faulty for the Paypal return shipping option. They'll cover change of mind returns too.

  • $120 doesn't seem that bad. Excess baggage on an airline is going to cost you more.

    Other alternatives to try are:

    • See if the merchant will sell you a shipping label or deduct it from the return. Courier companies offer huge discounts to big customers.
    • Look for a corporate account with fedex/ups/dhl through your work (or friends and family works). Sometimes you can put through a cash job with them, but still get the corporate discount.

    Honestly thought, I don't see you getting a much better deal than $120. 8kg is big.

  • Tell them it's for Matthius Cormann's OECD application.