Do i really need a pod machine for coffee pods?

So i can’t take the instant coffee at work anymore & i’m going to start using pods for a better flavour. But do i really need a pod machine? Can’t i just empty the pod into a cup & add hot water…isn’t that all a pod machine does anyway?


  • the water passes through the coffee in the pod similar to brewing using a machine. it does not dissolve like instant coffee
    the machines help regulate pressure required to get the water through the grounds

    • Whats inside a pod…liquid or coffee grounds?

      • It's grounds but you still can't just dump it in a cup of hot water, or I guess you can but the result won't be the same. The pressure is an integral part of the process.

        If you don't want a pod machine you could always buy a manual one like the Wacaco Nanopresso with the optional pod adaptor (which is what I have for day trips and camping) though you don't really save any money over just buying a machine.

      • lol

  • I bought a pod machine, and I've gone out of my way to find better alternatives since. Currently drink filtered coffee from a V60

    I suggest finding a cheaper alternative

    Or maybe get a minipresso

  • No you can't just empty the contents. There is ground coffee inside pods. Instant coffee and ground coffee aren't the same thing. You can buy portable handheld coffee pod machines if you want better coffee.

  • Pod machines use high pressure to create the 'crema'. I guess if you dumped the ground coffee from one into a cup, it would make…something :P I don't think it would be very nice.

    You're also murdering a turtle or something every time you chuck out a used pod (my wife told me this and I'm sticking to it)….though seriously, these things are another waste problem. Avoid them if possible.

    V60 such as Fergy mentioned above sounds like a good compromise, and will probably make a better coffee. Or just stick to instant…unless you can get your workplace to spring for a proper machine.

  • If you dumped the ground coffee into a cup and added water you would just get hot water with chewy ground coffee in it. A pod machine is like a manual machine but instead of the basket where you put ground coffee it is a pod.

    I recommend getting an Aeropress. Little bit of work but no electricity needed (if that's the reason for not buying a pod machine).

  • Aeropress as above.

  • Third vote for aeropress. I prefer it to my Nespresso, cheaper per cup, much less waste.

  • If you want an instant option try coffee bags. They’re grounds that you can steep like a teabag.

    Otherwise aeropress or plunger.

  • Buy pods and use it with a Bodum French press mug.

  • if you're drinking instant, surely just a plunger will be upgrade

  • To answer your question - yes, you can empty the content, pour over and drink it as is. I've done it with about 100 pods after the office machine broke. You may get the odd floating grains, but just stir and they should sink. The flavor is not similar to what you would get with the pressure of the pod machine.

  • Just find an instant coffee that you like. The Blend43 that offices stock is not representative of what is available.

  • You can get some high quality instant coffee. I mostly stick to my espresso machine at home but that's not viable at work so I buy Mount Hagen Instant Coffee from iHerb. It's seriously good stuff

  • Can't empty the pod, you'll get a mouth full of grinded beans.

    You might look at coffee bags, literally pod emptied into like a tea bag that you add hot water.

  • Can’t i just empty the pod into a cup & add hot water…isn’t that all a pod machine does anyway?

    What happened when you tried it?

    Consider reading up on the Clever Coffee Dripper.

  • I used to make cold brew coffee, I think that could work as well? Just make some at home and take it to work in a bottle, leave it in the fridge.