RGB remote question

My daughter has a change colour lamp with a remote with those coloured dots to change the colour. I think it’s called an rgb remote. Long story is she lost it so I gave her the same one for led strip lights to use and it worked fine.
I’ve just installed the strip lights behind her bed for her birthday tomorrow and the remote has stopped working for both the lamp and the strip, it hasn’t been used for some time so I assume it’s gone flat. I’ve replaced the batteries but with nrg from coles (2025 disc battery). Is it just these batteries don’t work or is the remote broken?

Where can I purchase a remote in store tomorrow?


  • Emily we need a little bit more information to be able to put our Googlefu to work for you.

    Model Number, Brand, shop you bought them from, a photo, anything will help us to help you!

  • I’ve replaced the batteries but with nrg from coles (2025 disc battery).

    Did you install it the right way up? :)

    As Master Bates said, OP gives us some info to work with.

  • Where are these lights from? Some that come with a remote can also be controlled from an app, via Bluetooth. This can potentially be your fallback.

    • Thanks. I contacted the company but they didn’t suggest this so I don’t think it’s an option.

      I have bought AA batteries that were coles brand before and they were dead, assuming nrg is the new coles home brand I wonder if it’s worth buying an energizer just to be sure.

      • The Coles battery should be fit for purpose, I doubt a different brand would solve your problem.

        Have you replaced the battery like for like and have you installed it the right way around?

  • Assuming the battery isn't the issue (which, tbh it sounds like it is), it's highly unlikely you'll find the remote in-store

    It is, however, only $2.20 shipped from Hong Kong via eBay

  • Try a 2032

    The button batteries are mostly all the same, just different thicknesses. But if you don't get the right thickness, it won't make contact.
    You can also fold a few layers of aluminium foil and put that on the 2025 battery when you slide it in to bridge the gap.

    And a little tip for testing remotes: point it at the camera on your phone. You should see a bright light come out of it on the screen when you press buttons (if the remote is working)

    • Thank you, this is exactly the tip I needed. I’ll test it with my phone tomorrow. It’s the same number battery that came out of it before so I don’t think the thickness is wrong.

      • You're welcome :)

        It's a shame it's not working. Remotes are very simple devices so not a lot to go wrong. Most of the time it's just something that's corroded or not making contact.
        If you're feeling adventurous you can crack it open, clean it up and then put it back together. But you can get replacements so cheap I don't know it's worth bothering with.

        This one here is $6.50 including postage
        95% chance it uses the exact same IR codes.

  • I got the energiser batteries, still no luck. I tried the pointing at the phone camera tip too but no light. My tv remote does light up though.

  • New remote arrived. Both lights still not turning on.
    Checked the remote and it has a purple light coming on.

    Out of ideas now.