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Greenman Gaming - Deus Ex: Human Revolution: $14.47 (plus 66% off all DX:HR titles)


Hi all,

Greenman Gaming are offering 66% off all Deus Ex: Human Revolution titles, which includes:
* Deus Ex: Human Revolution $14.47
* Deus Ex: Human Revolution Augmented Edition $15.29
* Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Explosive Mission Pack $1.02
* Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Tactical Enhancement Pack $0.68
* Deus Ex: Human Revolution – The Missing Link DLC $4.95

All you need is a Steam account, as they will send you a key to register on Steam.
Coupon valid from 00:00 GMT 31 December 2011 (11AM AEDT) to 00:00 GMT 1 January 2012
Personal note: I have bought this game from Greenman earlier this year without a hitch, plus the game was also great.

Referral link (click this, and you and I get $2.00 credit!):

Oh, and a Happy New Year to all you OzBargainers!

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    Deus Ex: Human Revolution Augmented Edition $15.29 (which includes both the Explosive Mission and Tactical Enhancement Packs, along with some other extras)

    The steam version does not include the ingame content, just the pdfs and music files.


      Are you sure that the DLC packs are included with this AE? There is no mention in the description that it is included. Seems like there are a few "AE" versions around, depending where you buy it from.

      I can only assume this is the same version as Steam's version, without the DLC packs.



        the steam Aug.Ed. does NOT include the DLC and ingame content. If you want the extra gear and mission you will have the purchase the DLC.

        The online consensus appears to be that the DLC is definately worth it by rounding out the story and providing some answers


          Edit: just realised you quoted the OP in your first post =)

          Not enough sleep here =P

          Just bought AE and all the DLC too!

          Note: You will have to buy them all individually to use the discount code on each item. As when you put them all in the basket and apply the discount, it only applies it to one of the items.


          So if I don't want the PDFs, music files and other stuff in the Augmented Edition, can I just buy three items: the regular DE:HR, the Explosive Mission and Tactical Enhancement packs?

          edit: It's only a dollar difference. Geez I'm tight.


        Thanks for the info, for some reason I thought the two packs were included in the Aug edition.


    Thanks, was waiting for the missing link to go on special, almost purchased it via steam last night when I saw it was down $5. Saved me another 5!



    Thanks! Missed it when it was $10 on Amazon. Happy enough to pay a few dollars more since it's cheaper than Steam.


    Expired? The game is now showing as $44.97 for me and the Missing Link is $14.57.

    Edit: They're still 66% off on the Steam store.

    • Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Explosive Mission Pack $1.02
    • Deus Ex: Human Revolution: Tactical Enhancement Pack $0.68

    Cheaper on Steam at $1.01 and $0.67 respectively… ;)

    EDIT: Tried to use the referral code but I think it didn't work because I already have a GMG account… :(


    Thank for posting this.
    I entered the code WINTR-DEUSX-DEALS at check out and it work perfectly.
    I even used a $5.00 credit voucher I had with them dropping the price to $9.50

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