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Atkins Endulge 15x 30-35g Low Carb Bar Varieties $20.25 (S&S $18.23) + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Atkins Endulge Caramel Nut Chew Bars & other sorts | Keto Friendly Bars | 15 x 34g Low Carb Caramel Chocolate Bars | Low Carb, Low Sugar, High Fibre | 15 Bar Pack only $20.25 or $18.23 (s&s) instead $44.85 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU

Available Varieties:

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  • These didn't mail well for me last time. Came all melted.

    • Have you contacted the live chat from Amazon? They are usually very helpful and generous. Normally they would send another free parcel or pay the money back to you. You can still keep the bars for free and put them in the fridge. I’d still eat them.

      • I contacted them and they wanted them back. I put them in the fridge and ate them deformed because I couldn't be bothered.

    • Same problem with the kit kat things they make !

  • Keto friendly my ass, it's full of maltitol

    • As someone currently on the Keto diet can you please explain to me what maltitol is and why it is bad?

      • This might provide some background:

        Maltitol is a sugar alcohol but is not generally considered Keto friendly and should be avoided unless very minor ingredient. Some of its carbs should be counted (30-50%) It is used in a lot of sugarfree confectionary and chocolate. All Australian Atkins bars contain it. Aussie Bodies is in the process of removing it from some of their bars.

      • Not just terrible for the blood sugar spike, but maltitol is probably top 2 in terms of sugar alcohols for causing bowel troubles.

        Sorbitol and Maltitol go through me like 10 shots of espresso, its unbelievable how bad it is.

        It also doesn't help that most of these bars strip out as much fibre as they can for improved shelf life.

  • These taste great but the bloating and gas they give you is unbearable!

  • seems like a good price.
    got a 20 pack from Costco for $30 last week.

    I don't see the deal in buying a 15 pack.
    5= $6.75
    15= $20.25

    no need to commit to buying 15.
    I know they aren't being deceptive, just would be nice to be cheaper in bulk.

    • I think it’s a descent deal. I always sign up for subscription and then cancel. $18.23 free delivery instead of $44 is pretty good.

  • They arent keto friendly but taste good. I think their drinks are keto though, as is Quest bars.