[Resolved] Playtv Driver for Windows 7

Yes I know getting a bit long in the tooth but anyone have drivers for this setup? HTPC died so updated motherboard\CPU but old Card tuner was PCI. Only PCIe on new one. Had a Sony playtv lying around so figured would use that until a good deal turned up on a dual\quad tuner card.

Search many many places but not finding drivers yet.


  • The good thing with digital hoarding is: You keep everything. You got mail.

  • There is an IObit driver software in Steam. It's not a popular program, but in the past its been useful to install, do the driverscan and update, and then delete. Getting it from steam gives a bit better peace of mind than from websites that try to bundle it with AV scanners etc.

    Also, if you use these 'driver scan software' only update the single driver that you need. Often they update stuff unnecessarily, such as network drivers. If theres no problem, you dont need to update it.

    • Most of that software is pretty dodge, I’d recommend using AIDA64 if windows doesn’t know what something is and getting the name of the device and downloading the driver direct from the manufacturer if possible. Windows Update handles the majority, I’ve only had a few issues in the past where I’ve had to install modified drivers eg very old scanners, or issues with sound card drivers

      • Thanks SirMurduck, I agree the software is pretty dodgy. I've done it once in the past to get a rare driver. Thanks for the tip on the AIDA64. I think a lot of us struggle to get things from the manufacturer, as its pure luck if they keep the legacy or if they are still around. All of the driver update software apps and websites have that stigma. I'm glad from the post below they found it on reddit, which has become a good source.